Rainy day and Daylight Savings Blues: Shopping Edition

This week has been a complete washout- literally rain Tuesday through Thursday, and since Mabou had off Monday to give him a rest day the day after the pace, that means I haven’t ridden him in 5 days now. Ugh!

In addition to this rainy bleary depressing weather, each day the sun sets earlier and earlier.  Since I am a “9-5″er, that means that soon we are reaching the part of the year where I cannot ride in daylight Monday – Friday.  Super sad.  OK, enough negativity for now!  What better way to cheer up than retail therapy?!

 The following are the hot new things that I now have my eye on: 

1. Swanky Saddle– Monogram Saddle Plate

I think this is such a fun change from the traditional brass saddle plates.  I want one for my new saddle!  Monogram all the things.

2. Swanky Saddle– Monogram Bridle Tag

One for each bridle, To match my saddle

3. Sock it to Me– Rainbows Blast Socks

Because these are just awesome and I need them, and I would have ordered them already but they are out of stock.

4. Equestri Lifestyle– SEREIN Custom Belt

They come in a choice of 7 different prints, and the price includes custom embroidery in any color of your choice.  PLUS 10% of sales go to an animal rescue group.  Cute belt for me and helping animals= win-win!

5. Custom Ogilvy Baby Pad

To match the new Ogilvy half pad cover I have coming in a couple of weeks.

6. This- I will also take this.

3 thoughts on “Rainy day and Daylight Savings Blues: Shopping Edition

    1. I just got my first pair last week (a pair with foxes on them, for fox hunting hehe) and I love them- so now there are so many more I want off the website! They are so cute! Which designs do you have?


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