Fun Christmas Idea- With Monograms!

Earlier this year I was on the search for monogrammed saddle pads that didn’t break the bank.  One of my favorite brands of saddle pad is PRI, they are great quality and wear like iron.

In my search, I came across The Plaid Paddock, where I quickly ordered two PRI pads with custom embroidery, at almost the same price as plain PRI pad!  The shop owner is very helpful and can get any color pad or piping that you want!

They also have a lot of other cute custom monogrammed items as well.

I wanted to stay classic and ordered two pads with tone-on-tone monograms.  I have posted about the pads before, and how great they look.

rocking the tone on tone
rocking the tone on tone


monogram all the things
monogram all the things

The pads also arrived to me very quickly, within a few weeks.  They make a great and inexpensive gift for a friend, barn-mate, or YOURSELF (because who doesn’t need to get Christmas presents for themselves?!)

Arts and crafts: MONOGRAM edition

Tonight I decided I was going to attempt to apply the iron-on monograms I have had sitting in my house for a few weeks, just begging to be applied to my Tailored Sportsmans.

I have to say, I am very happy with the results!!



I did a total of 8 pairs, and tried to match the monogram colors to the breeches. I still need to order more for the rest, but at least now I know what colors show the best.



The sparkle monograms were easiest to apply. I think my favorite is the black sparkle.



These monograms are 1″ big. I also have a whole slew of 2″ ones…. Trying to figure out what I should put those onto. Any ideas?!



Rainy day and Daylight Savings Blues: Shopping Edition

This week has been a complete washout- literally rain Tuesday through Thursday, and since Mabou had off Monday to give him a rest day the day after the pace, that means I haven’t ridden him in 5 days now. Ugh!

In addition to this rainy bleary depressing weather, each day the sun sets earlier and earlier.  Since I am a “9-5″er, that means that soon we are reaching the part of the year where I cannot ride in daylight Monday – Friday.  Super sad.  OK, enough negativity for now!  What better way to cheer up than retail therapy?!

 The following are the hot new things that I now have my eye on: 

1. Swanky Saddle– Monogram Saddle Plate

I think this is such a fun change from the traditional brass saddle plates.  I want one for my new saddle!  Monogram all the things.

2. Swanky Saddle– Monogram Bridle Tag

One for each bridle, To match my saddle

3. Sock it to Me– Rainbows Blast Socks

Because these are just awesome and I need them, and I would have ordered them already but they are out of stock.

4. Equestri Lifestyle– SEREIN Custom Belt

They come in a choice of 7 different prints, and the price includes custom embroidery in any color of your choice.  PLUS 10% of sales go to an animal rescue group.  Cute belt for me and helping animals= win-win!

5. Custom Ogilvy Baby Pad

To match the new Ogilvy half pad cover I have coming in a couple of weeks.

6. This- I will also take this.

Product Review: Ogilvy, Personally Preppy & My Barn Child

Today I got to apply my helmet monogram!  I got it from Personally Preppy.  The application was super easy, and it seems to have really stuck on there well. Only time will tell how durable it is. I really like how the shiny black looks on the matte black of my GPA.

I also put my charms from My Barn Child onto my bridles. After seeing these cute charms all over the place, I finally gave in and ordered one when they were running a promo for a free anchor charm with any charm order. I got a sapphire round ball and the anchor charm. They were easy to put onto my bridles and look really nice, I like the little extra bling that they give to my bridles.

Sapphire ball on the Vespucci
Sapphire ball on the Vespucci


I put the Anchor on my hunt and pace bridle hoping it will anchor my horse and keep him calm. Haha

Lastly, I finally gave in to the hype and ordered an Ogilvy baby pad. I ordered it from SmartPak and as usual, it arrived very quickly, even with the custom monogram. The hype is real… it did not disappoint!

I love the way that it is cut, it sits exactly perfect with no adjustment whatsoever.


It is also a great length, as I have found some of my other pads are not as long as I would like under the Ogilvy half pad. It didn’t move at all during my ride, I am sold! Now I can’t wait to get more!

After impatiently waiting most of the day for my digital print downloads to be emailed to me from the photographer website, I sent an email asking for the status and was informed that they will be emailed to me tomorrow! Can’t wait to share!

Last but not least- look how white my horse’s face looked today!!


Monogram Mania

Today when I got home I saw that some of my monogram stuff arrived!!!


I got this nice big horse one for my macbook


And then this also…


and then a helmet monogram


and to top it all off…. My Barn Child Charms

Soo shiny
Soo shiny

Can’t wait to put the helmet monogram on my helmet and the charms on Mabou’s bridles!!  We are going to be so fancy!  Now I am just waiting on all the iron-on monograms I got for my Trophy Hunters… I got so many pretty colors!!  (Can you tell I had a moment of weakness this past weekend when I gave in to the monogram temptation)

Anyway, moving on, I went to ride this evening and after being pleasantly surprised that the farrier already shod Mabou, this horror is what greeted me:


Why yes that is my horse, missing a huge piece of skin on his face.   How he did this in the time since I left the barn yesterday (approximately a 24 hour period), I have no idea.  I really really hope it heals somewhat so he doesn’t look so bad this weekend at the pace we are going to in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  (any suggestions and/or miracles?!)  Since his huge hole in his face is right where the noseband would go, we had to ride without.  Maybe he had flashbacks to his racing days.


Still waiting for the pictures from the pace last Sunday to go up on the photographer’s website.  I may have been compulsively checking all day…..

Lastly,  I finally made the decision on what to do regarding joint supplements for Mabou.  He started Legend yesterday.  He felt great today, and we’ll see how he feels this weekend at the pace.  Trainer started her horse on it as well a few weeks ago she said she feels a difference.   Ok, off to go harvest from my money tree now…

Lesson Update and Book Review

My lesson was great today!  Mabou looked pretty sleepy beforehand but he certainly woke up as soon as we started jumping!


Sleepy pony
Sleepy pony

We did a few courses with the jumps set at 2’9″- 3′, and really worked on me being straight.  My problem is that my right shoulder is more forward then my left… which I adamantly blame on the fact that I sit at a desk all day writing with my right arm forward and using my mouse with my right arm forward.  Soooo basically I need to quit my job to better my riding.  His lead changes were excellent though, so at least I must have been somewhat centered for those.

monogram all the things
monogram all the things

I also broke out my new black monogrammed saddle pad!  Love it!!  Today I ordered a helmet monogram and a horse jumping monogram decal for my Macbook and iron on monograms for my TS breeches!  Monogram crazy today!

I just finished reading a new book recently, and since I am always looking for good horse books (and maybe you guys are too) I thought I should share!  It’s called Ambition by Natalie Keller Reinert and it is about a young eventing trainer.  I couldn’t put it down, the author did a great job capturing the accurate equestrian experience.   I got it from Amazon for those who want to check it out!