Mabou’s Christmas List

Since I posted my own wishlist (and I generally post about things that I am lusting after), I thought it was appropriate that I posted Mabou’s Christmas list.  He told me he wants all these things (I am a secret horse whisperer).

  • Back on Track Mesh Sheet (p.s. Santa may be getting this for Mabou)  This is just what Mabou needs to help him stay loose through his back and hips through the winter.

  • Horse Treats!  Mabou loves the Horse Nibbles, AND they are cheap so win-win!

  • Happy Mouth Pelham– Mabou loves his D ring pelham for flatting so this would be a nice upgrade from his plain black rubber pelham.

All in all Mabou’s list is pretty basic and realistic (I should probably learn from him)

What do your horses want this Christmas!??

5 thoughts on “Mabou’s Christmas List

      1. I’m considering the saddle pad and quick wraps. I wouldn’t use the saddle pad every day, just for a light hack once a week or so.


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