Review: Sport Horse Lifestyle tees

I am low-key obsessed with the adorable tees from Sport Horse Lifestyle.  Although I often ride in sun shirts to prevent sunburns/ farmers tan, when I ride after work at 6:30 pm the sun isn’t as much of a concern. Enter: cute riding tees. 

Although pricy, they are worth it with a great fit and they wear really well. They are really soft and long enough to easily tuck into breeches. 

They also have a great Instagram if anyone wants to follow (it’s @sporthorselifestyle). I started with one and now have accrued quite the collection of these babies. 

Here are a few more of my favorites: (photos are from Sport Horse Lifestyle)

Wishlist Update

Since I haven’t been able to ride since I hurt my ankle on Saturday, of course this just makes me get my horse fix by tack browsing and thinking of things that I need want.


I went to the barn Tuesday and got in a good long grooming session and I was able to ride bareback today, but its not really the same as getting a solid ride in.

Since I last posted a wish list I have gotten all of the items on there!  So its time for an update!

1.  Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters in Blue Velvet (photo credit to Farmhouse Tack)  Not only am I sucker for this deep jewel tone blue color, but I also love how luxurious the name sounds.  Well played Tailored Sportsman, well played.


2.  Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Open Front Boot (photo courtesy of Farm House Tack)   Now that Mabou is officially a jumper, he needs a fancy pants pair of boots!

veredus boots

3.  All the sun shirts!  I am particularly feeling the Tailored Sportsman Ice fil shirts- they are so soft and comfortable!

4. All the Ogilvy!  Because why not?!

Hopefully my next post will actually contain some riding!

What’s on your wish list?!

Self Control Level: Dismal

Well, they just put up the professional photos from the charity show……..


I actually controlled myself and only ordered five, even though I wanted to order ALL THE PHOTOS.  Is it bad when you spend the same amount on photos as the show cost you?

Pretty photos coming soon!

The Great Thaw

First off- my Eskadron package from Calevo has arrived!  The total time from ordering to my door was just under a month.


I am in love with the pretty blue boots that I got.  I am just waiting for all of this MUD to go away before I will use them!


Things have FINALLY begun to thaw out around here, which means lots of mud!  Thick, pastern deep, suck your shoes off mud.  It’s really very lovely, I swear.  But if the mud means that spring is coming, I am all for it.

There is still some snow still hanging on, as can be seen in the background of this pic.  I guess to be honest, even though I basically feel as if I could not wear a jacket during the heatwave temperatures of 40 during the day…. it is still in the low 30’s-high 20’s at night.


Haven’t been riding too much, hence the lack of riding posts.  I have reached the point where I am DONE being cold and DONE riding inside.  I was elated to arrive at the barn last night after work and (1) Be able to ride in the DAYLIGHT!! and (2) be able to ride in the outdoor ring!  The outdoor is largely melted, and we have stonedust footing which never gets muddy or slippery.

Go away last bit of snow
Go away last bit of snow

Mabou felt so good, and I could tell he was so happy to be outside finally.  He has a massive stride, and the indoor really feels cramped on him.

Our first order of business after trotting around was to get up in half seat and let him canter forward around the ring (with a huge smile on my face).  There is nothing in this world like the effortlessness of how a TB covers the ground.

Then we got serious and did some schooling, but nothing major just our usual bending and lateral work and changes of stride within each gait.

I am SO ready to being hunter pacing this spring and then showing!  We have all our new gear ready to go, just waiting on you Mother Nature.

For sale- Back on Track quarter sheet

I bought Mabou a Back on Track quarter sheet since I love all things Back on Track. However I bought a 75″ and it’s too small, he needs a 78″! (He runs inbetween sizes in blankets, so I gambled and was wrong)

It’s brand spanking new, only took out of the package once to try it on. I can’t return it to where I bought it from so I am selling it to buy the bigger size!

They retail for $138.95, I am looking to get $115 with free shipping for it for a quick sale!

Write a comment if you’re interested or email me at nicolesottilo at gmail dot com! I use PayPal for buyer and seller protection.

My foray into the land of international tack shopping

After reading Amanda’s post (aka one of the biggest Tack-ho enablers out there), I decided that I would ignore any warnings that she gave about the possibility of lengthy shipping times, and try my hand at placing an international order.

I have had my eye on some new Eskadrons for a while, and they happened to be significantly cheaper to purchase from Calevo than to purchase here in the U.S.

I ordered the light blue open fronts, and black ankle boots (high ones) (they will go with different front boot colors rather than buying a million different colored ankle boots- see I CAN be economical!).

And then, since I have zero self restraint I also ordered a pair of open fronts and ankle boots in this cool medium blue that is not available here in the U.S. (they were also on sale because they are an old season color)


Finally, to be practical I ordered a spare pair of Eskadron bell boots (the only ones that Mabou doesn’t go through like crazy) and a cool Eskadron wash bag to wash the boots.

The ENTIRE order, including shipping, was less than what one pair of open fronts and high ankle boots would have cost me here in the U.S.- for real.

The problem- DHL.  Particularly, DHL online status updates, which are now the bane of my existence that I have to check multiple times a day.

I placed the order on February 12th.  It is now the 20th and as far as I can tell, from the last update that was entered on February 19th, my stuff is still in Germany.

International shopping may be good for the wallet but not good for my love of getting shiny new things quickly!

For now I will keep obsessively checking the DHL website for updates.  When everything gets here I will post a huge HOORAY and update on how long the shipping ultimately took for those who are considering international orders.

Tack Store Spotlight: Farm House Tack

Since I have an addiction to tack, I have done my fair share of online shopping.  One of my absolute favorite places to shop for all things horse is Farm House Tack.

Although Farm House Tack is located in South Carolina, thus preventing me from visiting the store in person (and potentially going bankrupt as a result), they are wonderful to place orders with online, through the phone, or via email.

They always have GREAT sales (hint they have a warehouse sale going on right now), carry Ogilvy products and usually have a great selection of Ogilvy half pad colors, AND they carry all full selection of Tailored Sportsman breeches, including all of the newest colors as they come out.

Plus, any order over $75 ships for free!

Every single time I make a purchase from Farm House I always have a great customer service experience, with quick email responses, even to my annoying emails asking what they have in stock.

Can’t recommend Farm House Tack enough!