Transformation Tuesday- muscle pony 

I have been seriously slacking on this blog, but alas life just has a habit of getting in the way. I just got back from the Rolex Three Day event so that definitely deserves its own post, which I will hopefully get to in the next few days. 

For now, I’ll leave this comparison here- Mabou the first year I had him to now, two years later. 

Transformation Tuesday

Mabou’s Graded Stakes Win– August 2011

Mabou is in yellow with the #4.  I recommend watching this race replay from 3:30 to the finish…. it is a long race and the end is the exciting part!!  Every time I watch that race I am in awe of my horse.  He was really great at what he did.

And now- Mabou November 2014


It is so wild for me to think that he had a whole other career before he came to me.

Hope you enjoy watching his race!