Winter Boredom

Winter makes everything so mundane with all the freezing cold and being stuck in the indoor. Nothing exciting to write about!

Although Mabou is a good sport about doing a lot of flat in the indoor I am sure he can’t wait to get outside again!

For now we will just keep slugging along working on flat work and dreaming of the spring when fun things start again!

Hey at least doing nothing is allowing me to save money towards summer shows that’s good right?!?

How do you spice up boring indoor rides all winter?

No Stirrup November: So it begins!

No riding yesterday due to super crap weather, so today was my first ride in November.

I felt very motivated after watching the Maclay Finals on USEF Network this morning, so I decided I was going to do a no stirrup ride.

Since it was very windy today (literally up to 50 mph winds!), my ride was stuck in the indoor arena, which gave me the perfect opportunity to just focus on my no stirrup work.  I am very proud of Mabou, a lot of horses were up and spooky because of the noise of the wind against the arena walls, but he was a perfect gentleman.


I rode for about 20 minutes with no stirrups, and my legs were on fire.  I did a mix of trot and canter, with a lot of walk breaks (for me not for Mabou).  Hoping I am sore tomorrow so I know that I really pushed myself.  Since riding all month with no stirrups is really not realistic for me, due to all the hunter paces, hunts and trail riding, my goal for November is to do one day of no stirrup work a week.  Let’s hope I can stick to it!