A tale of woe- aka why 2015 and I are not friends

Warning- This post is going to be a complete bitchfest whining about all the bad that has happened this year, making me unable to ride for 16 weeks of 2015! (That’s a lot) 

This turn for the worst of 2015 began back in August when I got kicked by a horse and had a nasty bone bruise, making me unable to really ride for 5 weeks. (Several bare back sessions notwithstanding, but no schooling was done or progress made) 

Then after we had just started to get back into the groove and regain fitness, an unfortunate incident where Mabou bruised his heel on a trailer ramp set us back another 5 weeks. 

And now for the icing on the cake, the grand finale- again right when we were almost back to where we were, and have actually put paces and hunts back on our calendar, I go and break my hand. Seriously. 

Happened in the most freak way possible- we were trail riding and Mabou spooked so he began his signature spook move, aka bucking, which made the rein jerk my hand in the perfect twisting motion to spiral fracture my fifth metatarsal, which is the bone in your palm that goes from your pinkie to your wrist. 

This should be a fun 6 weeks. Now you know why there won’t be any real fun updates coming from this way. 


Confession Time

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to.   Mainly because the frigid temperature and snow ice covering everything is an ENORMOUS buzzkill.  But also because my rides haven’t been too great lately.


It’s not because Mabou hasn’t been a good boy either, which he has.  (He definitely has that Thoroughbred “try”)  It’s because of my best friend’s horse.  My good friend J and I always try to coordinate our ride times, because what’s more fun than riding with your friend.  Why is someone else’s horse affecting my ride, you ask.

To help you understand I am going to rewind a bit…… J has had her horse 8 years or so.  The first time she tried to take him on a hunter pace she was airlifted by helicopter and had rods put into her arm after breaking it so severely, and the rest of her ownership of him has mirrored that experience.  He has a nasty buck, is very slow and will buck you off if you ask him to go forward, and just basically doesn’t want to work whatsoever.  (he has no medical issues, he is just a S.O.B.)

So throughout her ownership of him, she has been scared of him and he has her number.  This year I have been riding him often for her (and generally have to get on him to tune him up so that she can get on).  It’s not that he is never good, he does have his moments (see below pic) it’s just that you cannot relax for a second because you literally never know when the next buck or spin is coming.  It’s tiring always having to be on the defense knowing the horse wants to get you off.


We have tried everything, being harsh with him and working him until he was tired (doesn’t work, as he just gets pissed off when he is tired), to going on walking trail rides where nothing is asked of him (during which he bucks, rears, and tries to take off at random intervals throughout with no apparent cause).  Friend can only walk horse on the trail in a western saddle so that she can grab the horn and stay on.  Doing anything more than a walk on trail is out of the question because he will start trying to buck or take off.

It is hard for me to watch my good friend be bullied by her horse and afraid, and frustrates me when I have to get on him (which I of course am going to do because I don’t want my friend to get hurt), which then is hard to snap out of when I get back onto Mabou.

The good boy
The good boy

So today, I didn’t text my friend what time I was going to ride and I went and rode Mabou and had a wonderful ride.  There was no distraction for me, I wasn’t worried about what was happening to my friend (if she was getting bucked off on the other side of the ring etc).

She will never sell her horse, as she loves him and with his temperament, he may not end up in a great home, so this is mainly just a vent.

It just stinks that I can’t do fun horse things with my friend.  Over this past summer she borrowed one of trainer’s sale horses and we went on the most fun trail rides, galloping through the fields, jumping all kinds of things, without a care in the world. This sale horse would be her perfect horse, she’s a bomb proof paint mare that is very sensible and one of the sweetest kindest horses I have ever known.  Friend can’t afford to have two horses.

my sister (who has only ridden a handful of times) taking the sale mare out on trail with me
my sister (who has only ridden a handful of times) taking the sale mare out on trail with me

Anyone else have to deal with a horse that was just downright mean?  What did you do?

Ahhh Shucks

So after suffering through several weeks of limited riding motivation from the frigid cold and lack of any daylight hours not spent at work, yesterday I decided to leave work at 2 and try to get in an afternoon ride!

I got to the barn, quickly changed and ran out to get Mabou from the paddock. After walking him into the barn I quickly realized he was missing a front shoe…. That damn left front shoe (repeat offender) to be exact!

I cursed in my head and texted the farrier to see if he could get down to put a shoe on in the next few days.

Finally my luck turned around and the farrier could stop by in about an hour! Plus I got lucky and just caught him because in a few hours he was leaving to go away until Monday. Score for me!

So instead of the ride I got planned a Mabou got a nice long grooming and his mane pulled while waiting for the farrier. It was nice spending time with him even though my riding plans were crushed.

Time with my horse just have a way of making you happy in a way nothing else can!

Have a great weekend!

Fail Friday: blanket edition

I went to see Mabou before work this morning and I was greeted by this:


That’s a Horseware Ireland high denier (over 1000) one too!! Ahh his new turnout buddies play rough. Good thing I had spares on hand because it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

Is anyone else’s horse hard on blankets?!

Somebody who is not having fail Friday: Tucker.


Don’t you wish you had this life?!