Review: Sport Horse Lifestyle tees

I am low-key obsessed with the adorable tees from Sport Horse Lifestyle.  Although I often ride in sun shirts to prevent sunburns/ farmers tan, when I ride after work at 6:30 pm the sun isn’t as much of a concern. Enter: cute riding tees. 

Although pricy, they are worth it with a great fit and they wear really well. They are really soft and long enough to easily tuck into breeches. 

They also have a great Instagram if anyone wants to follow (it’s @sporthorselifestyle). I started with one and now have accrued quite the collection of these babies. 

Here are a few more of my favorites: (photos are from Sport Horse Lifestyle)

Christmas Sales Alert

Got emails for the following sales this morning, so thought I would pass the savings along!

Smartpak– 50% Bradley performance show shirts

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This promotion is valid through Sunday, December 14th, 2014.

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Ultimate Christmas List: Big Dreams Edition

Since Christmas is in a few weeks, I have decided to put together a list of all of the things that I need really want, in all of its excessive glory.  Here goes!

  • Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in the following colors: Ivy, Truffle, Dove bar chocolate, sage green
  • Kastel Denmark Sunshirts

  • Essex Talent Yarn – blue and purple

  • Roeckl Chester Gloves in Navy

  • Eskadron Flexisoft open fronts and matching ankle boots– baby blue

  • Grand Prix Soft Shell Show Jacket in French Blue

There are also many more practical things on my Christmas list this year, such as a Happy Mouth pelham and braiding yarn and grooming supplies, but it is always more fun to list the completely frivolous items.

What does everyone else want this year for Christmas?  Any of the same things as on my list?!

Sunday Funday

I rode Mabou on Friday and Saturday, nothing crazy just our normal WTC (and it felt SOOO good to be back on my horse after a 3 week hiatus)…… apparently I shouldn’t have done that because the mystery puffiness (about the length of my thumb, maybe smaller) was back in his left front again.


Trainer said maybe although the ultrasound of the leg was clean, there was a slight injury that was too mild to show up, such as a sprain or micro tears in the soft tissue.  So, unfortunately, I am going to give him a few more weeks off, as I want to make sure he is fully healed.  He has been wearing the Back on Track quick wraps most nights, hopefully it is helping.


I had planned a trail ride this Sunday with my sister, who hasn’t ridden in at least 6-7 years, maybe even more, so I asked my friend if I could take her pony since Mabou was out of commission for a little longer.  She said yes, so I had a new mount for the day, a cute little hairy devious pony.

little tiny pony ears
little tiny pony ears

IMG_8306 IMG_8307

We had a great ride, and stayed out for about an hour and a half.  Pony was so forward, sister’s horse was cantering behind him as he trotted!


It was the perfect day for a trail ride, the temperature hit 50 today and the sun was shining.  A much needed break from the frigid temps we have had lately!

IMG_8328 IMG_8315

I jumped a few logs with pony, and my sister took video and I took a still from the video.


Lastly, check out these new socks!  Love them!


Riding in a T-Shirt in November? Thank you Mother Nature!

Today was pleasantly unseasonably warm, reaching a high of almost 70 degrees!  (keep in mind it has gone down to the 30’s at night here and low 40’s during the day already) I just HAD to ride on this beautiful day so I worked my conference and meeting schedule to allow for a nice long ride in the middle of the day.  SCORE!


I went out on a long trail ride, with some nice long gallops thrown in.  I felt so absolutely lucky to be able to get out on my horse today, and not be stuck inside the office.  Sometimes I am thankful I normally work during the day, because it makes the days that I am able to ride during the day that much more special.


My ride couldn’t have been better!  His gallop felt so effortless and he melted like butter into my hand when I asked him to slow back down.  I also rode a new trail I haven’t ridden in a while and happily discovered that there were 5 or 6 fallen trees right in the path… yay for new jumping trail!  One of the jumps was three small trees fallen rather closely together so it created a natural gymnastic, good for pony’s brain to have to think and figure it out!


Because it was so warm, Mabou got really sweaty so I gave him his (possibly) last bath of 2014.  Crazy to think that might be true!  Even with his trace clip, it still took a while of grazing for him to dry, good thing I had the time!

Fall trees look so beautiful
Fall trees look so beautiful

I also debuted a pair of my newly monogramed TS- the little extra special touch makes me happy.


Lastly,  doesn’t this dog have THE LIFE?!  This is how he sleeps (in my bed) every night.


Arts and crafts: MONOGRAM edition

Tonight I decided I was going to attempt to apply the iron-on monograms I have had sitting in my house for a few weeks, just begging to be applied to my Tailored Sportsmans.

I have to say, I am very happy with the results!!



I did a total of 8 pairs, and tried to match the monogram colors to the breeches. I still need to order more for the rest, but at least now I know what colors show the best.



The sparkle monograms were easiest to apply. I think my favorite is the black sparkle.



These monograms are 1″ big. I also have a whole slew of 2″ ones…. Trying to figure out what I should put those onto. Any ideas?!