Wordless Wednesday: Tucker goes shopping






Fail Friday: blanket edition

I went to see Mabou before work this morning and I was greeted by this:


That’s a Horseware Ireland high denier (over 1000) one too!! Ahh his new turnout buddies play rough. Good thing I had spares on hand because it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

Is anyone else’s horse hard on blankets?!

Somebody who is not having fail Friday: Tucker.


Don’t you wish you had this life?!


Love & Horses Blog Hop

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Today I had an idea for a fun blog hop, to share our other pets!- Other than your horse, what pets do you have?

Let’s go- let me see your pets!

My answer is two pets.

1. Meet Tucker


Photos of Tucker are always all over this blog.  He is a 5 year old shih tzu and only 9 pounds and the cutest little spoiled thing ever.

2. Meet Nibbler

Nibbler is a one year old dwarf hamster (named after Nibbler in the show Futurama).  He is a sunflower seed addict and is incredibly picky.  In fact, he won’t eat every single hamster treat that I have bought and tried to give him including carrots.