Controversy: Monica Thors Edition

I don’t normally get into controversial things like this, but over the past few weeks, between everything that I have read about on Facebook and on Chronicle of the Horse, I couldn’t help but follow along with the Monica Thors horse abuse saga.

There are also a few news reports on the topic.

For those who haven’t heard anything about it at all, apparently some woman owns several standardbred race horses, or standardbreds that used to race, which are all in deplorable condition, with their feet trimmed to almost nothing.  A few horses required slings hung from the ceiling to be able to stand up.  Many people have become aware of this situation and came together to get the animal control and ASPCA to act and remove these horses (and possibly cats) from this woman’s care.  I will not post any photos (because some are sickening) so those who wish to view them can click the links above.  From what I have read, they have begun taking the horses away from this woman.

Here is a great article on Horse Nation that really summarizes it all.

It breaks my heart that those poor horses suffered at the hands of that woman.  Although there are many people that take amazing care of their horses, there are still some out there who do not, and take advantage of the horse’s gentle gracious nature.  Although horses are 15-20 times the size of us, they are still generous enough to allow us to ride them.  I genuinely hope that things are able to turn around for these horses and they can have a better life for the rest of their days.

I for one cannot keep my mouth closed when I see a horse in person that I feel is being mistreated, is everyone else the same?