Weekend Recap: finally rode my horse!

On Saturday, despite the rainy gross weather, I decided it was finally time to ride Mabou. His leg feels slightly better, but he is completely sound and he runs around outside like a big goof. Maybe the slightly puffy part of his leg is his new “normal”

I also picked up his foot and squeezed all along the back of his tendon and got no pain response, so that was good enough for me!

I limited my ride to walk trot but it felt so good to be back on my own horse. No matter how many horses you ride, being on yours just feels “right”.

Hunter Pace Pics

Should have saved all these babies for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow but hey I couldn’t resist- Ta Da here they are!

so  handsome
so handsome
The boys and me
The boys and me
The Crew
The Crew





Monogram Mania

Today when I got home I saw that some of my monogram stuff arrived!!!


I got this nice big horse one for my macbook


And then this also…


and then a helmet monogram


and to top it all off…. My Barn Child Charms

Soo shiny
Soo shiny

Can’t wait to put the helmet monogram on my helmet and the charms on Mabou’s bridles!!  We are going to be so fancy!  Now I am just waiting on all the iron-on monograms I got for my Trophy Hunters… I got so many pretty colors!!  (Can you tell I had a moment of weakness this past weekend when I gave in to the monogram temptation)

Anyway, moving on, I went to ride this evening and after being pleasantly surprised that the farrier already shod Mabou, this horror is what greeted me:


Why yes that is my horse, missing a huge piece of skin on his face.   How he did this in the time since I left the barn yesterday (approximately a 24 hour period), I have no idea.  I really really hope it heals somewhat so he doesn’t look so bad this weekend at the pace we are going to in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  (any suggestions and/or miracles?!)  Since his huge hole in his face is right where the noseband would go, we had to ride without.  Maybe he had flashbacks to his racing days.


Still waiting for the pictures from the pace last Sunday to go up on the photographer’s website.  I may have been compulsively checking all day…..

Lastly,  I finally made the decision on what to do regarding joint supplements for Mabou.  He started Legend yesterday.  He felt great today, and we’ll see how he feels this weekend at the pace.  Trainer started her horse on it as well a few weeks ago she said she feels a difference.   Ok, off to go harvest from my money tree now…

Sunset Ride

Today I gave Mabou off since we had a lesson yesterday.  I was STOKED when trainer asked me to ride her  horse for some conditioning.


Her horse was at a huge AA Barn and showed and won all over the place at big shows in the children’s and junior hunters…. until he promptly got burned out and would rear when he walked through the in gate.  So trainer got him, turned him out for a bit to let him be a horse, and he has been a fox hunt horse ever since, with no real riding in the ring other than cantering to condition, which he LOVES.  He is MY FAVORITE horse to ride other than mine.  His gaits are literally like silk.  I think I could eat a bowl of soup while he is trotting.  He also is so naturally uphill and balanced it is the best feeling in the world to hand gallop him around.  As soon as you sit in the saddle he shortens his stride, and all it takes for a lead change is to put your weight into one seat bone and voila, beautiful lead change.  (which is a problem when people who are loose ride him, because they get accidental changes all over the ring hah)  The sunset was gorgeous… what a great end to my Thursday!

sunset view
sunset view

Tomorrow is Friday woohoo then we get a three day weekend!  Thanks Columbus!

I am in LOVE…. with the rubber pelham!

So I rode with the rubber pelham today… and O.M.G. horsie felt amazing from the moment I got on!  So light and relaxed, I think that because the mouth was so soft he did not worry at all about it.  I tried the one I had which was a 5″, so it was super tight on him…. can’t wait to get his size 5.5″ and ride with that.  IMG_7345

I even jumped around an entire course and he was waiting and listening no problem… I even did some of the adds, which is rare with Mr. Leave them out!  I was so stoked that he felt so great I didn’t even think about giving my phone to a friend who was riding at the same time to snap some pics, which I am very sad about.  Friend told me horsie was jumping great, which is good to hear that he looked as good as he felt.

I also rode with the new bridle… the Vespucci Figure 8.  It fits super nice.  The leather quality is also really good. I love the way it seemed to wrap around his head.

Horsie not impressed

Horsie not impressed

Lastly, another item made it’s debut today… the Just Over The Top (JOTT) vest that I picked up at the Hampton Classic.  It only stayed on for 5 minutes because once I started grooming I sure heated up!  I guess it’s warm!

pretty vest
pretty vest

It definitely is feeling like fall outside.  My front lawn every morning has been covered with visiting wild turkeys… I guess I have a good lawn?

Gobble Gobble
Gobble Gobble

And I leave you with this incredibly cute puppy pic!

just want to squeeze him
just want to squeeze him