Ready Set Go- let’s complain about the weather 

To be fair, the title of this post fully warned that this was going to be a bitch fest, so you know what you were getting into reading this!!

I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature, namely why has it been in the low 30’s and high 20’s midway though March?! Also, even more importantly, why is it supposed to snow 4″ tomorrow, aka the first day of spring?!

Weather complaints aside, I did get in a ride after work Tuesday. I wore green breeches, so that counts as celebrating St. Patrick’s day right? 

Since it was incredibly gusty and windy, which would have made riding in the outdoor brutal, and we are “over” the indoor, we hit the trail. 

Most of the trail was still snow covered, so it was slow going until we got to the old golf course, where the footing was great since it gets so much sun. 

We did a big trot on the dirt golf cart road around the golf course. Considering he hasn’t been on trail in a while and it was a cold blustery day, he was awesome!  Our only issue was the matter of the killer garbage bag that was loudly blowing and flapping in the wind. I ended up getting off, walking him over, and letting him check it out. He was less than thrilled.

Looks like our first hunter pace is April 26, let’s hope the weather starts looking up by then!! 

Has everyone else been enjoying spring weather?

OK that’s enough winter

Just to start off- let’s take note that last night was a RECORD BREAKING low for this late in February!  I am SO ready for the temps to warm up.  I have been a good girl and keep the winter bitching to a minimum but today’s ride was just BRUTAL, my entire face was frozen.  Today it was 20 degrees but felt like 10 degrees.


I am crying on the inside
I am crying on the inside

As always, Mabou was a really good boy.  Since it was cold, even with his quarter sheet on he took longer to warm up and we spent a while trotting on a loose rein to start.  With show season in sight now, I have recently begun doing my entire trot warm up with no stirrups- gets me working while he is warming up.  Once I feel his back start to swing and engage then I usually pick up my stirrups and contact and we get to work, unless I want to torture myself by continuing with no stirrups.


I ordered a Back on Track quarter sheet from Tack of the Day when they were on sale a few weeks ago (and polo wraps and the mattress overlay), so I am hoping that it arrives while the temps are still cold and I get to use it.  I also think it will help with his warm up.

We did the usual flat schooling, lengthening and shortening of stride, transitions, bending and counter-bending, and leg yielding.  Nothing too exciting, but he felt great after he was warmed up.


Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 30’s woohoo!

5 Stages of Grief Related to Winter Riding

For all those who are similarly snowed in right now-  from Horse Junkies United.

The 5 Stages of Grief Related to Winter Riding


Denial and Isolation:
This is the stage full of, “Of course I’ll ride! It’s almost a toasty 20 degrees today!” and wondering why there is no one else at the barn in the midst of a midwestern ice storm. You have fleece lined breeches and a quilted coat; there is no way this weather will get in the way of your Princess Pony’s training this year! Winter shminter, you’ve got a handle on this.

The barn door is frozen shut. Your horse has icicles on his nostrils and has broken two blankets since New Year’s. Your fingers are completely numb. Basically the whole of the riding world lives in Florida, and you are stuck here in the ridiculous cold weather where you are never going to ride your horse again, and if you do ride you’ll fall off because you can’t feel your legs. How dare people post riding pictures on Facebook when the closest you’ve gotten to riding was watching the GoPro videos on Youtube.

Maybe your school or job would transfer you somewhere sunny for a few months…and let you take your horse. What if you sold your car (useless in the ice anyway) and a portion of your soul to send your horse to training in California, just for a few weeks? You’d kill for a nice glove tan line and polo sunburn. What if you owned all the cool new tack products? That would definitely help you cope with your inability to ride. Probably buy two of each, just in case.


This is it. It’s never going to be warm again. Better just throw out those dreams of horse shows and palm trees; the cruel winter has come to stay. By the time the arena and trails thaw enough to work on anything you will be molded into this divet in the couch, in a Netflix coma and unable to ride any longer.

It’s February folks, we can make it! It’s cold…but spring is coming.

Ahhh Shucks

So after suffering through several weeks of limited riding motivation from the frigid cold and lack of any daylight hours not spent at work, yesterday I decided to leave work at 2 and try to get in an afternoon ride!

I got to the barn, quickly changed and ran out to get Mabou from the paddock. After walking him into the barn I quickly realized he was missing a front shoe…. That damn left front shoe (repeat offender) to be exact!

I cursed in my head and texted the farrier to see if he could get down to put a shoe on in the next few days.

Finally my luck turned around and the farrier could stop by in about an hour! Plus I got lucky and just caught him because in a few hours he was leaving to go away until Monday. Score for me!

So instead of the ride I got planned a Mabou got a nice long grooming and his mane pulled while waiting for the farrier. It was nice spending time with him even though my riding plans were crushed.

Time with my horse just have a way of making you happy in a way nothing else can!

Have a great weekend!

Winter Boredom

Winter makes everything so mundane with all the freezing cold and being stuck in the indoor. Nothing exciting to write about!

Although Mabou is a good sport about doing a lot of flat in the indoor I am sure he can’t wait to get outside again!

For now we will just keep slugging along working on flat work and dreaming of the spring when fun things start again!

Hey at least doing nothing is allowing me to save money towards summer shows that’s good right?!?

How do you spice up boring indoor rides all winter?


Since its been in the negative temps with the wind chill, nothing exciting has been going on here but sitting down on the couch under blankets drinking hot chocolate.

I have three blankets on Mabou who lives outside, and there is no riding for me until it is at least 30 degrees!

Is anybody else suffering the winter deep freeze?! Misery loves company!