Review: Sport Horse Lifestyle tees

I am low-key obsessed with the adorable tees from Sport Horse Lifestyle.  Although I often ride in sun shirts to prevent sunburns/ farmers tan, when I ride after work at 6:30 pm the sun isn’t as much of a concern. Enter: cute riding tees. 

Although pricy, they are worth it with a great fit and they wear really well. They are really soft and long enough to easily tuck into breeches. 

They also have a great Instagram if anyone wants to follow (it’s @sporthorselifestyle). I started with one and now have accrued quite the collection of these babies. 

Here are a few more of my favorites: (photos are from Sport Horse Lifestyle)

Tack Tuesday- Rodrigo wide noseband bridle review 

After lusting after a wide noseband bridle for a while, and purchasing the Bobby’s padded wide noseband bridle, which, while gorgeous was just too much for my boy’s fine head, I found the Rodrigo wide noseband bridle on sale for a steal of a deal that just couldn’t be passed up. It also came with matching fancy stitch laced reins.

I have now had it for 5 months, so a review is definitely due! 

When I first got it, it was a lighter more orangish color that is typical of brand new Rodrigo or Pessoa bridles. With two liberal coats of neatsfoot oil it darkened to a gorgeous deep chocolate color, while the stitching stayed nice and white and crisp. It was also very supple and soft without me doing much. 

It is a monocrown with little cutouts for the ears and seems to lay very nicely on the poll. My sensitive TB hasn’t complained which is always a good sign. The stitching is clean tight and even and looks sharp with the oiled leather. 

I love the fancy stitching on the brow and noseband. It’s just enough. The width of the noseband is perfect for my pony’s face, and not weighed down by thick padding. 

I find the sizing is quite generous, my horse who is on the bigger side of cob, smaller side of horse, is on the highest holes for the cheek pieces. But the browband and noseband fit well. 

Verdict- I love it and it’s a great deal for the money! 

Product Review: Back on Track polo wraps 

although I have posted before about how much I love the Back on Track mesh sheet for my boy, and what a difference it makes for him in the winter, I have been wanting to post about his Back on Track polo wraps.

I have the 9′ length, which is perfect for his front legs.

First impressions: the wraps are impeccably made, with soft fleece on the outer part and the Back on Track material on the inside that goes against the horse’s leg.  They have nice sturdy Velcro, with the Back on Track logo in gold.

Results: being the sensitive TB that he is, and being pasture boarded, Mabou often has little nicks and bumps on his legs.  After an average ride wearing these polos, Mabou’s legs are visibly tighter.

I would definitely recommend these polos and plan on getting a second set for myself to use on his hind legs.

Product Review: Ogilvy Baby Pads

Ever since I purchased my first Ogilvy baby pad, it was the only pad that I reached for again and again.


What I like about this pad:

  • It is thin and soft, but thick enough that it isn’t flimsy.
  • The underneath is a soft poly cotton twill, that washes right back to new even after it gets sweaty and dirty.
  • I LOVE the V-shape that fits my shark-withered TB perfectly.  Other pads that have a wither contour still are not high enough for him.
  • No billet straps or girth straps required- this pad stays in place without any fiddling with straps when tacking up.
  • No need to pull the saddle pad up under the pommel when you are tacking up, it is already there, ensuring no pressure on the withers.
  • The outside of the pad is treated and stain resistant.


It is supposed to be anti-microbial and anti-fungal, but I can’t really say if this has made any difference from my other saddle pads.

They also come in a rainbow of colors, which is really really fun.  So far I only have white ones, one with navy binding and one with black binding, because I am not patient enough  to wait for a custom colored one.

Although this saddle pad is costly compared to other schooling pads, it is totally worth it.  Mine are all white and still look brand new and crisp every time they come out of the wash.

I love this pad so much that I actually have begun replacing all of my pads with these, since I never want to use my other ones anymore.

Exciting Saturday Night: Tack Cleaning!

Since it is snowing yet again, I spent a riveting Saturday night taking apart my bridle and giving it a really really good cleaning.


During the winter when it is super cold I want to get out of the cold as soon as possible, and that means that my tack suffers from the skipped daily cleanings.


Back in August, I reviewed Higher Standards Leather Care, and since then my love for it has only grown!  Generally (when its not freezing) I clean my tack after each ride with Higher Standards, and since it is such a conditioning cleaner my tack very rarely needs oiling or conditioning.

Unfortunately, since my cleanings at the barn are generally more of the “wipe-down” variety, the buckles and nooks and crannies still get kind of gunky, so every few months it has to come home to get a complete cleaning.

Tonight I used the cleaner and then used the Higher Standards leather balm.  The leather balm smells like chocolate and is so easy to work with and makes your hands really soft!

In other news, I got in a ride earlier today, as the temperatures were in the 20’s!  Mabou felt great, even though the indoor was crowded and some other horses were spooking at the noise of the ice and snow sliding on the roof of the indoor.  Being in the ring with a lot of horses like that, although not the most conducive to a productive ride, is really good experience for him.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30’s but with a lovely rain/slush/snow mixture, so we’ll see if riding is going to happen.

How have you spent your weekend?!  Get any rides in?

Product Review: Asmar Signature Pique Polo

The bright colors of the Asmar Signature Pique Polo make me think of springtime, which in the winter wasteland that I am living right now is a nice breath of fresh warm air.

I got three of these polos on sale- with the spring colors I couldn’t resist.

pretty colors
pretty colors  

First Impression:  The material is a fine pique weave that is really soft and technical feeling.  The colors are super vibrant and all the details set these polos apart, from the flattering seaming to the Asmar Equestrian logo on the left sleeve to the Asmar logo on the left chest.


sleeve detail
sleeve detail

Fit:  I ordered these in a size small.  I wear a size 4 in women’s street clothes for reference.  The small fits perfectly.  They were not too tight or clingy and hung just right to be flattering but not restrictive.  The seaming along the front and back helped to give them shape so they didn’t look boxy when on.  They are also long enough to be easily tucked in (I am 5’7″ for reference)



Wear:  I haven’t gotten to test these out in any kind of heat yet (damn you winter) but I have worn them as a base layer under sweaters, and they are definitely very comfortable and breathable.  They also wash well, I washed on cold gentle cycle and hung them to dry.


Although these polos are not cheap, I really think they are a step up for me from my cheaper ones and hope that they last a lot longer.  The material and fit is miles above my regular boxy fitting polos.  I also think that they will be great for the warmer weather.

Bottom Line– I want to get more Asmar clothing!

Product Review: Bossy’s Bib

After spending the entire fall and large part of the winter trying to figure out a a solution to Mabou’s terrible shoulder rubs, I stumbled upon the Bossy’s Bib. A shoulder guard helped the shoulder rubs but gave him rubs in the center of his chest in size medium, gave him worse shoulder rubs in size large, and changing the blankets he wore didn’t help at all. I figured what the hell, maybe this thing will work. I ordered it from a seller in England on eBay. She was very helpful in figuring out sizing. Mabou is 16.3 hands, so according to the size chart (which goes by horse height) he was a large full (16.2 to 17.0 hands). But knowing how incredibly narrow his shoulders are, I wanted to order a size down, the medium full (15.2 to 16.1 hands). IMG_9355 My instincts were right and the medium full fits perfectly! IMG_9354 It’s a pretty simple design, basically just a slick nylon type material that drapes over the withers and shoulders. It isn’t attached to anything so it puts no pressure on the shoulders and moves freely with the horse, thus preventing rubs. IMG_9353 It has a tab in the front that you secure through the front blanket buckle so there is something holding it in place. IMG_9358 Results- Mabou has been wearing it for several weeks and his huge shoulder rubs have begun to grow back tiny hairs! Although it is an extra step when un-blanketing to pull it over his head, totally worth it!! I would definitely recommend!

Book Review: The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, The Horse that Inspired A Nation

I just recently finished reading The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, The Horse that Inspired a Nation and I LOVED IT!  I normally read fiction books, but this book caught my attention because it is a true story about a horse that was based in New York, right where I live.

This book was a quick read, because I instantly got sucked into the story, which is such a Cinderella story that you forget that you’re reading a non-fiction book!

For me, it was so interesting to look back in the sport and see how it was to be at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden at that time.  The book is full of names that you will probably recognize today, such as George Morris.

It is definitely inspiring as well, that with some hard work and determination, this newcomer into the horse show scene, Harry DeLeyer, and his cheap “plow horse”, Snowman, became champions.

I especially thought it was cool that a lot of the barns referenced in the book, including the school that Harry DeLeyer teaches at are still here where I live today.  Even cooler, the DeLeyer children that were mentioned in the book are local trainers, and are a fixture at all the big shows by me.

There is also a movie in the works, which I am very excited to see!

Product Review: Back on Track mesh sheet

I purchased the Back on Track mesh sheet around mid December, and wanted some time to test it out before I wrote a review.

First impression– The sheet is very soft mesh material, with shoulder gussets that can be opened up to allow for shoulder freedom. It has a rather large Back on Track logo on the neck but it doesn’t look bad, it’s tan on the black sheet.
2015/01/img_9163-0.jpg Sizing– Mabou takes a 78″ in most blankets but this sheet fits him perfectly in a 75″.

Effectiveness– being the very sensitive thoroughbred that he is, Mabou is generally cold backed in the winter and takes some time to get his back warmed up, relaxed, and swinging. Since he has begun wearing this sheet, I have absolutely noticed a difference in him, he is much more relaxed at the start of my ride.

In fact, I knew I had something great going when I first put the sheet on Mabou and within 5 minutes he was licking and chewing.

sleepy boy

As a testament to how much he loves this sheet, two nights ago when I was at the barn my friend and I were laughing because every time I lifted my hands up to remove the sheet from Mabou he pinned his ears, only to prick them right back as soon as I stopped moving to take the sheet off. (He doesn’t get mad when I remove any other blankets or coolers from him ever)

Usage– at first I would put the sheet on as I groomed Mabou (for about 15-20 minutes), since you are supposed to build them up to the effects of it gradually. After doing that for about a week I put it on under his blankets overnight. Now he just wears it 24/7 as a liner under his blankets, with no ill effects.

2015/01/img_9164.jpg Bottom line- I highly recommend this sheet!!

Blanket Review Update: Centaur Turbo 3600

About a month ago, I reviewed the Centaur Turbo 3600 midweight blanket with hood.  Although my initial review was great, this update has a few negative things about the blanket.

First off, the body of the blanket has stayed really nice with no rips, tears, or even wear marks that look like they will turn into a rip or tear.  So thumbs up for that.  The hood, however, has not fared as well.

Front buckles– where there used to be two front buckles, there is now only one. One if of the buckles got ripped right off of the blanket.


The hood attachments-  One of the rings on the blanket that the hood hooks onto got ripped off.


and one of the hooks actually snapped in half!


Not sure how that happened!

Poor Mabou was in his paddock with his hood piece all kinds of messed up when I found him.  Going to look into some kind of warranty on this blanket and hood, because I have only had it a month!  And he only wore it a few weeks of that time!

This is now two blankets down this season, the blanket repair lady is going to love my horse!