Review: Sport Horse Lifestyle tees

I am low-key obsessed with the adorable tees from Sport Horse Lifestyle.  Although I often ride in sun shirts to prevent sunburns/ farmers tan, when I ride after work at 6:30 pm the sun isn’t as much of a concern. Enter: cute riding tees. 

Although pricy, they are worth it with a great fit and they wear really well. They are really soft and long enough to easily tuck into breeches. 

They also have a great Instagram if anyone wants to follow (it’s @sporthorselifestyle). I started with one and now have accrued quite the collection of these babies. 

Here are a few more of my favorites: (photos are from Sport Horse Lifestyle)

Weekend Recap & I hit 100 posts!

Can’t believe I hit 100 posts!

My weekend was great, mild weather, sunny skies, what more can a horse girl ask for?!

I got to trail ride Mabou on both Saturday and Sunday!  He has just been coming back from all his time off, and I decided to canter the fields Sunday.  It felt sooooo nice!  I was in a great mood for the entire rest of the day!


Notwithstanding the fact that Mabou has been ridden maybe a total of 4 times over the past month and a half, he was his usual pleasant self.  I think he was just really happy to actually get out on trail and be able to do more than walk.


He was excited, but still soft and listening.  He felt great through his body, the time off might have been great for him. The only thing I would change was that I wish I had someone to go with, but it was just me and Mabou on both trail rides.


We did a nice easy canter around the big field.  We were both itching to let loose and gallop, and eat up the ground with his big TB stride, but maybe next week we can do that after he has been back in work longer.  Sigh it is hard being responsible.


After I rode Mabou, I got on my friend’s pony, the cute one that I was riding while Mabou was having time off.  He was awesome, he is such a fun little guy!  Here is a video that my friend took of us!


I hadn’t jumped in a little while, so it was really fun to get on him and jump around.  Such a different feel from Mabou-  Going from big strided narrow TB that is a very foward ride to short porky pony who is a total push ride!


I also wore the Tailored Sportsman Redwood today!  Yay for fall colored breeches!


Riding in a T-Shirt in November? Thank you Mother Nature!

Today was pleasantly unseasonably warm, reaching a high of almost 70 degrees!  (keep in mind it has gone down to the 30’s at night here and low 40’s during the day already) I just HAD to ride on this beautiful day so I worked my conference and meeting schedule to allow for a nice long ride in the middle of the day.  SCORE!


I went out on a long trail ride, with some nice long gallops thrown in.  I felt so absolutely lucky to be able to get out on my horse today, and not be stuck inside the office.  Sometimes I am thankful I normally work during the day, because it makes the days that I am able to ride during the day that much more special.


My ride couldn’t have been better!  His gallop felt so effortless and he melted like butter into my hand when I asked him to slow back down.  I also rode a new trail I haven’t ridden in a while and happily discovered that there were 5 or 6 fallen trees right in the path… yay for new jumping trail!  One of the jumps was three small trees fallen rather closely together so it created a natural gymnastic, good for pony’s brain to have to think and figure it out!


Because it was so warm, Mabou got really sweaty so I gave him his (possibly) last bath of 2014.  Crazy to think that might be true!  Even with his trace clip, it still took a while of grazing for him to dry, good thing I had the time!

Fall trees look so beautiful
Fall trees look so beautiful

I also debuted a pair of my newly monogramed TS- the little extra special touch makes me happy.


Lastly,  doesn’t this dog have THE LIFE?!  This is how he sleeps (in my bed) every night.


Bridle Fever


Went for a nice light trail ride last night, since Mabou got his shots on Monday.  He was excellent, really listening and shortening/lengthening his stride as I asked.  I even threw in a few halt transitions too just to make sure he was paying attention.  Of course, since it was dusk we saw a nice variety of deer and turkeys, but he doesn’t care much about such things.


I am seriously getting depressed about how dark it is getting…. soon I will only have Saturday and Sunday to ride in the daylight.

Daylight don’t leave me

This is how dark it was at 7pm on the way back from my trail ride (that’s right you CAN’T SEE ANYTHING) ughhhhh


I was looking in my tack locker today and reflected on the fact that I like to have a bridle set up for each bit that I ride in… so I never have to change bits, I can just grab and go.

Bridles Galore
Bridles Galore

I have my everyday rubber D ring set up on my favorite bridle (the Vespucci), a bridle for hunting with the rubber gag, and another bridle for the rubber pelham.  (can you see the rubber theme going on here?!)  Am I lazy or does everyone do this?!  Not lazy…. I prefer organized!

I am seriously looking at a few new bridles with an eye towards Christmas…. a new show bridle for next season would be lovely.  In a month or so I’ll have to do a post of my extensive Christmas list, so I have a good excuse to drool over everything I want.

Lastly, here is a photo of our ROOTD!  Charcoal TS with black Ogilvy and Lettia pad.  The ONE good thing about the seasonal change is that I am getting my chocolate color horse back, instead of my bleached out brown one.


Rubber D Ring for the Win!

So after the great success of the rubber pelham on Tuesday, I decided to try a rubber d ring snaffle today and WOW what a horse I had.  I think his neck lengthened at least four inches!  He really wasn’t afraid to reach his neck out and he was like butter in my hands.  Who would have thought I needed less bit for a slower steadier horse?!  I am stoked, because my goal has always been to show in the hunters but he was a little too quick.  Maybe next summer that won’t be too outrageous of a goal now that I discovered how happy and relaxed he is in the rubber bits!  Here’s some pics, we were stylin’ today.  TS breeches color is french blue btw.



Of course everything can’t be perfect…. he had a loose nail in his right front. WOMP WOMP WOMP.  I texted my farrier and he said he will come tomorrow or saturday.. thank goodness because we have the pace Sunday!

bad nail
bad nail

Horsie wore his Eskadron memo foam boots today… he has an extensive Eskadron wardrobe.  But what’s not to love, it always looks nice and wears like iron!  Eskadron is hands down my favorite brand for boots, and their bell boots are the only ones that have lasted me and not been shredded.



Now I am watching the Central Park horse show on tv and snuggling with my baby

how cute is he
how cute is he

Weekend Fun

So I was woken up Saturday morning by my parents calling me, which ending up being a good thing because I took Tucker to the park with them in this gorgeous weather.

So precious
So precious

Then after some putzing around the house it was barn time!  Perfect breezy day for a trail ride



Went out and had a super fun ride, we cantered the fields that were just planted.  Sighhh perfect day.

I took this video while cantering, so please excuse how shaky and haphazard it is!

riding back to the barn
riding back to the barn



ROOTD- Riding Outfit of the day- because I love matchy matchy pretty things
ROOTD- Riding Outfit of the day- because I love matchy matchy pretty things

Wore my new TS Trophy hunters in the color called “crying the blues” today.  Must have all the colors!  Lusting over Ivy right now.


And lastly, some gratuitous pics of my boy because he is so damn handsome!