Wishlist Update

Since I haven’t been able to ride since I hurt my ankle on Saturday, of course this just makes me get my horse fix by tack browsing and thinking of things that I need want.


I went to the barn Tuesday and got in a good long grooming session and I was able to ride bareback today, but its not really the same as getting a solid ride in.

Since I last posted a wish list I have gotten all of the items on there!  So its time for an update!

1.  Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters in Blue Velvet (photo credit to Farmhouse Tack)  Not only am I sucker for this deep jewel tone blue color, but I also love how luxurious the name sounds.  Well played Tailored Sportsman, well played.


2.  Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Open Front Boot (photo courtesy of Farm House Tack)   Now that Mabou is officially a jumper, he needs a fancy pants pair of boots!

veredus boots

3.  All the sun shirts!  I am particularly feeling the Tailored Sportsman Ice fil shirts- they are so soft and comfortable!

4. All the Ogilvy!  Because why not?!

Hopefully my next post will actually contain some riding!

What’s on your wish list?!



I think I may be mildly obsessed with Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters

And I still want more!!

Confessions of a tackaholic

Weekend Recap & I hit 100 posts!

Can’t believe I hit 100 posts!

My weekend was great, mild weather, sunny skies, what more can a horse girl ask for?!

I got to trail ride Mabou on both Saturday and Sunday!  He has just been coming back from all his time off, and I decided to canter the fields Sunday.  It felt sooooo nice!  I was in a great mood for the entire rest of the day!


Notwithstanding the fact that Mabou has been ridden maybe a total of 4 times over the past month and a half, he was his usual pleasant self.  I think he was just really happy to actually get out on trail and be able to do more than walk.


He was excited, but still soft and listening.  He felt great through his body, the time off might have been great for him. The only thing I would change was that I wish I had someone to go with, but it was just me and Mabou on both trail rides.


We did a nice easy canter around the big field.  We were both itching to let loose and gallop, and eat up the ground with his big TB stride, but maybe next week we can do that after he has been back in work longer.  Sigh it is hard being responsible.


After I rode Mabou, I got on my friend’s pony, the cute one that I was riding while Mabou was having time off.  He was awesome, he is such a fun little guy!  Here is a video that my friend took of us!


I hadn’t jumped in a little while, so it was really fun to get on him and jump around.  Such a different feel from Mabou-  Going from big strided narrow TB that is a very foward ride to short porky pony who is a total push ride!


I also wore the Tailored Sportsman Redwood today!  Yay for fall colored breeches!


Ultimate Christmas List: Big Dreams Edition

Since Christmas is in a few weeks, I have decided to put together a list of all of the things that I need really want, in all of its excessive glory.  Here goes!

  • Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in the following colors: Ivy, Truffle, Dove bar chocolate, sage green
  • Kastel Denmark Sunshirts

  • Essex Talent Yarn – blue and purple

  • Roeckl Chester Gloves in Navy

  • Eskadron Flexisoft open fronts and matching ankle boots– baby blue

  • Grand Prix Soft Shell Show Jacket in French Blue

There are also many more practical things on my Christmas list this year, such as a Happy Mouth pelham and braiding yarn and grooming supplies, but it is always more fun to list the completely frivolous items.

What does everyone else want this year for Christmas?  Any of the same things as on my list?!

Arts and crafts: MONOGRAM edition

Tonight I decided I was going to attempt to apply the iron-on monograms I have had sitting in my house for a few weeks, just begging to be applied to my Tailored Sportsmans.

I have to say, I am very happy with the results!!



I did a total of 8 pairs, and tried to match the monogram colors to the breeches. I still need to order more for the rest, but at least now I know what colors show the best.



The sparkle monograms were easiest to apply. I think my favorite is the black sparkle.



These monograms are 1″ big. I also have a whole slew of 2″ ones…. Trying to figure out what I should put those onto. Any ideas?!



Lesson Recap

Although I don’t have a single photo or video, believe me when I say my lesson was FABULOUS!  It was the kind of lesson that leaves you grinning and on cloud nine for the rest of the day because your horse was so amazing!  We worked on really being straight on the long sides and bending through the corners in our flatwork warm up, then did some big serpentines with flying changes in the center (pony was excellent).  As for jumping, we did a bunch of single fences with big rollbacks to really make me sit up, rock him back and collect him and bend through the turns.  He felt like BUTTER, bending and collecting felt effortless.  What a good boy, he worked so hard today.

Real Men Wear Florals
Real Men Wear Florals

It is finally cold enough to break out the sheets.  As you see above, his sheet is very manly indeed.  The mares love it! And… check out this matchy matchy fun

matching puppy!
matching puppy!

I just love it… Can’t wait to get a photo of the two of them together!

Give me treats I was a good boy
Give me treats I was a good boy

Lesson ReCap

First off- since it is officially fall I broke out the rust breeches today! So anyway, after the weekend’s disappointment, I had a great hack yesterday and decided to lesson today.


We warmed up with some flatwork… .making sure that I got him moving with big elastic steps and trying to quiet my seat and sending him forward just using my legs, not posting bigger.  We did a lot of sitting trot and worked on me sitting up and back, as I like to lean forward a little too much sometimes!


DSCN0133 DSCN0134 DSCN0135DSCN0144


Then we did a very challenging jump exercise that had a single vertical jump on one side and a cavaletti pole on the other side.  We had to make an oval and jump the jump to the vertical.  It looked like this:

circle jumps

At first horsie kept landing on the wrong lead and then giving me beautiful changes, but after a few times he figured it out and landed correctly.



We started small and really worked on the flatwork inbetween the jumps, making sure that I pushed him out on the circle with my inside leg, used my outside leg to keep his haunches from fishtailing out and kept my shoulders straight (which is hardest for me ugh)


I also was using my outside rein a little too much to pull his outside shoulder around the circle, so trainer had me really exaggerate the separation of my hands and open my outside rein, which would prevent me from being able to pull back on it.  It made a huge difference and pony immediately softened.  Then trainer raised the fence and we kept going.

DSCN0183 DSCN0190 DSCN0195


The bigger height definitely helped to force him to rock back and balance himself.  Then trainer raised the fence again, and by this point I could feel he was getting tired, but he has so much heart he was a great boy and jumped super!

DSCN0198 DSCN0199 DSCN0201


What a great lesson, I really feel like he was so good and didn’t get annoyed that we were doing the same exercise for a while.  He was listening well, and I love him in the rubber pelham!  Rubber bits are our friends apparently!  I have lots of homework now and things to work on from trainer, which I like because it helps me structure my rides.  Afterward I rubbed him down with liniment and let him have a nice long graze.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so he will get a well deserved day off.  LOVE MY PONY!