Product Review: Le Fash Show Shirt

After lusting after these Le Fash show shirts for a while now, and actually seeing and feeling them in person at the Hampton Classic, I finally bought myself one that I found online for a good price.

I got this one

I wore it for the first time to the hunter pace last Sunday, underneath my sweater and vest.  My first impression was how incredibly comfortable it was, it didn’t feel anything like a normal button down or show shirt.  I love how flattering it fit as well, the fabric on the sides was stretchy and soft but not clingy.  For sizing reference, I normally wear a women’s size 4-6, and a size 34 show shirt, I got this shirt in a size medium.  Most importantly, when I ultimately ended up sweating because I wore too many layers during the actual hunter pace, I didn’t feel wet or damp at all, the shirt was really great at wicking the sweat off of my body.  This was wonderful as usually I sweat like that during the pace and then get a chill after when I am all damp.  I also really like how the bamboo material on the sides is antibacterial as well, which is a great feature to combat the stink of sweating.  After the pace, I threw it in the wash on cold, gentle cycle, and hung it to dry, it came out perfect!  I cannot wait to get a few more!

These are the ones I am now lusting after:

They would both be perfect for the show ring, but with a nice pop of color for when I am not wearing my jacket!


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