TAKE THAT Daylight Savings!

So I finally discovered how I can defeat daylight savings and the riding in the dark doldrums: Ride in the morning before work!


I had previously not thought this was possible, as usually the barn is a black hole of time for me- but I gave it a test run today.

CONCLUSION: totally do-able 

I can make this work if I go in to the office an hour to an hour and a half late.  Which is totally ok by me, because I will just stay a little later in the evening.  Really no motivation to run out of the office when it is pitch black out.

This is definitely a cold-weather only plan though, as I had to change at the barn and go straight to work!  Who cares, I will definitely take the possibility of smelling like a horse in exchange for riding during daylight hours.  Anyway, isn’t that what they invented body spray for!?

So this is what daylight looks like
So this is what daylight looks like

I now have a newfound enthusiasm for my fall/winter riding.  I thought that I was fated to be a vampire and only ride in the dark or in the indoor.

early morning rides eh?
early morning rides eh?

Woohoo!!  Daylight savings: 0 – me: 1

5 thoughts on “TAKE THAT Daylight Savings!

  1. awesome – glad it’s working out!! i don’t trust myself to actually get out of bed in the am (it’s a problem, really), but maybe i’ll change my tune as i get more and more tired of the dark…?


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