Shopping Alert: Leather Boots Edition

Just got these babies in the mail today!  Mondega open front and back ankle leather boots!


Check out that pile of soft leather lusciousness!  I wasn’t really actively looking for a set but these were for such a great price on Ebay I couldn’t pass them up.  They are brand new, and super soft with leather lining.


LOVE them!  Cannot wait to try them on my boy, and actually use them so I can give a real review.


They have subtle navy blue elastic detail, which I really like, it gives them some flair that is different than your average equitation boots.


At least I was able to check something else off of my wish list- Happy shopping!

5 thoughts on “Shopping Alert: Leather Boots Edition

  1. Oh, lucky, lucky you! I’ve been eyeing those up in the store for quite some time – they’re NICE! I also own the matching breastplate so I pretty much need the boots 🙂


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