Tack Review: Thinline Open Front and Ankle Boots

I have always been familiar with Thinline saddle pads for shock absorption but had never seen their boots before (or their other products such as girths, reins, halters, etc.)

The newest acquisition to Mabou’s boot collection is a set of Thinline boots, the open front boots and the ankle boots.


First impressions:  They seem really well made.  The Thinline material is the entire inside of the boot.  The ankle boots have double elastic to keep them extra secure.


The fit:  For reference, Mabou takes horse size in Eskadrons and is a 14″ pillow wrap in the front and 16″ pillow wrap in the back.  He is 17 hands.  The open fronts fit him really nicely in front, and there is enough extra velcro that they could also fit a horse with thicker legs as well.  The ankle boots also have a lot of extra velcro that would allow for fitting on a horse with thicker legs.


What I liked:  The boots didn’t pick up any dirt, as it just brushed off the Thinline material.  This makes me happy that he won’t get dirt and sand against his legs and possibly get rubbed.  His legs also didn’t seem to get too warm under the boots, but I didn’t do much, so I will wait and see how they do during a harder ride.

I also like that the Thinline material will absorb all the shock if Mabou hits any of his legs, just as the saddle pads do for the horse’s back.

5 thoughts on “Tack Review: Thinline Open Front and Ankle Boots

  1. interesting! will be curious to hear what you think about the warmth/heat factor after a few more rides – since that’s the primary reason i am not happy with my current boots…


  2. Two horses at my barn wore the closed front boots on all fours for daytime turnout. In the summer with the heat their legs came in sweaty, and one of the horses got a rash after wearing these over freshly clipped legs during the horse show. Not very breathable.


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