Exciting Saturday Night: Tack Cleaning!

Since it is snowing yet again, I spent a riveting Saturday night taking apart my bridle and giving it a really really good cleaning.


During the winter when it is super cold I want to get out of the cold as soon as possible, and that means that my tack suffers from the skipped daily cleanings.


Back in August, I reviewed Higher Standards Leather Care, and since then my love for it has only grown!  Generally (when its not freezing) I clean my tack after each ride with Higher Standards, and since it is such a conditioning cleaner my tack very rarely needs oiling or conditioning.

Unfortunately, since my cleanings at the barn are generally more of the “wipe-down” variety, the buckles and nooks and crannies still get kind of gunky, so every few months it has to come home to get a complete cleaning.

Tonight I used the cleaner and then used the Higher Standards leather balm.  The leather balm smells like chocolate and is so easy to work with and makes your hands really soft!

In other news, I got in a ride earlier today, as the temperatures were in the 20’s!  Mabou felt great, even though the indoor was crowded and some other horses were spooking at the noise of the ice and snow sliding on the roof of the indoor.  Being in the ring with a lot of horses like that, although not the most conducive to a productive ride, is really good experience for him.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30’s but with a lovely rain/slush/snow mixture, so we’ll see if riding is going to happen.

How have you spent your weekend?!  Get any rides in?