Shopping Question

I have really been lusting after the light blue Eskadron boots, to change up our boring black and gray boot wardrobe.  So, do you think that Mabou would look ok in the light blue Eskadron boots?

Or would he look silly since this is more of a pony color?!


lol and yes I am aware that I am lucky that this is a “problem” that I have.

Mabou’s Christmas List

Since I posted my own wishlist (and I generally post about things that I am lusting after), I thought it was appropriate that I posted Mabou’s Christmas list.  He told me he wants all these things (I am a secret horse whisperer).

  • Back on Track Mesh Sheet (p.s. Santa may be getting this for Mabou)  This is just what Mabou needs to help him stay loose through his back and hips through the winter.

  • Horse Treats!  Mabou loves the Horse Nibbles, AND they are cheap so win-win!

  • Happy Mouth Pelham– Mabou loves his D ring pelham for flatting so this would be a nice upgrade from his plain black rubber pelham.

All in all Mabou’s list is pretty basic and realistic (I should probably learn from him)

What do your horses want this Christmas!??

Fun Stocking Stuffer Idea: Bridle Charms

Since I love all things shiny, Mabou has always had several bridle charms on his bridles. Bridle charms just make everything more fun and are a great way to add a pop of silver or color to your schooling bridle.

For the holidays, bridle charms are a super stocking stuffer or gift for a barn mate or friend!

In the past, I have gotten bridle charms from My Barn Child (for my post about it click here).  For my next charm order, I decided to try and order from another small business, Hunt Club.  I wanted to get Mabou another charm, because one can never have too many charms, and also a charm as a gift for my friend’s pony, since she has so generously been allowing me ride him.


I got Mabou another royal blue charm, if you look closely though, this one is ombre, with lighter blue crystals at the top.  It can make one of his other schooling bridles sparkle like his snaffle one!!!


I got my friend’s pony a red charm, since red is his color!  And the crystal charm is another one for Mabou, maybe for his show bridle?  The charms are really well made and super cute. They are also reasonably priced, which I can totally get on board with!

I surprised my friend at the barn with the charm for her pony and she was very excited!  Surprising other people is so fun.

Does anybody else put bridle charms on their horse’s bridle?  What charms do you have?



New Tech Alert

Having good posture is not only something that plagues all of us (especially those like me who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk), and is definitely a concern while riding our horses.  It is a common correction of riding instructors to “sit up tall” and put your “shoulders back.”

While there are already posture correctors out there, such as Equifit’s Shoulders Back, they are all a bit of an eye sore, and definitely obvious to observers that you are wearing them.  They can also get very uncomfortable if you wear them for an extended period of time.  (take my word on this, as I once tried to wear mine all day at work only to be very cranky due to my uncomfortableness)

Enter the Lumo Lift!

Lumo Lift is a small device that you wear on your chest to track your daily activity and help to improve your posture. It pairs with an iOS or desktop app to allow you to view your progress and gain insights about your behavior. Lumo Lift measures how many steps you take each day, how many calories you burn, and how much time you spend in strong, confident posture. If you choose, Lift can also provide discreet vibratory feedback when you slouch to gently remind you to sit tall and stand strong.

That small square is it!!

I think that is such a cool concept to have such a small device that you can attach to whatever clothing you wear, that vibrates to remind you when you have poor posture.  I definitely want to try one of these out, to hopefully fix my posture all day which will translate into the saddle!

Has anyone tried this yet?!

Christmas Sales Alert

Got emails for the following sales this morning, so thought I would pass the savings along!

Smartpak– 50% Bradley performance show shirts

The Tack Room

4 Weeks of December Sale – Weeks 1 & 2

All Shirts – Receive 20% off
(from stock only)

Shirts, Shirts and more Shirts! Wrap Collar Shirts, 1/4 zip shirts, show shirts, t-shirts, cool shirts and warm shirts, long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts. If we have tank tops and tube tops…..those too. We have lots of shirts!! Pick your shirt(s) today and get a good deal. This is going to be so popular, we’re going to be doing this sale for the first two weeks in December. Get yours now, before your favorite shirt is gone.

This promotion is valid through Sunday, December 14th, 2014.

Due to website limitations, discounts will not be available during checkout when shopping online. However, any item(s) qualifying will be discounted during the processing of your order(s), and all discounts will be returned to the credit card used. A receipt of the credit will be provided with your shipment.

Ultimate Christmas List: Big Dreams Edition

Since Christmas is in a few weeks, I have decided to put together a list of all of the things that I need really want, in all of its excessive glory.  Here goes!

  • Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in the following colors: Ivy, Truffle, Dove bar chocolate, sage green
  • Kastel Denmark Sunshirts

  • Essex Talent Yarn – blue and purple

  • Roeckl Chester Gloves in Navy

  • Eskadron Flexisoft open fronts and matching ankle boots– baby blue

  • Grand Prix Soft Shell Show Jacket in French Blue

There are also many more practical things on my Christmas list this year, such as a Happy Mouth pelham and braiding yarn and grooming supplies, but it is always more fun to list the completely frivolous items.

What does everyone else want this year for Christmas?  Any of the same things as on my list?!

Boring Post

Since I haven’t been riding Mabou no fun riding posts to share! However, I have still been riding my friend’s pony and I rode a fellow boarder’s horse last night.

It is so weird to be riding different horses, but definitely good for my riding. On Saturday I rode pony and worked on flat work then went on the trails and jumped the hunt course that is set up in the woods.

Although there hasn’t been much happening on the horse front, a lot has been happening on the home front. Hubby and I bought all new kitchen appliances during the Black Friday sales, they get delivered Wednesday yay! For anyone who is curious we got the new Samsung stainless steel refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.

Hubby also had to have a new 70″ smart TV, because boys will be boys. Can’t complain when I spent double that this year on my saddle!

Here it is, while hubby plays Call of Duty (of course! Lol) that’s his friend in the photo that I made stand next to it for reference. It is just ridiculously big.