Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Recap- Day 1 Dressage

Last weekend 3 of my pony friends and I flew to Kentucky to attend RK3DE.  I can honestly say it was a horse lover’s paradise and a must-experience. Even though I am not an eventer I was so awed and inspired by all the great riders.(AND you can’t beat the shopping).

First off, Lexington is BEAUTIFUL. So green and so many horses!! From the horse statues at the airport to the rolling fields as far as the eye could see it really looked like a horse utopia. 

Our hotel was super cute and horse themed (how appropo). It was also really nice with a good continental breakfast (complete with make your own waffles station).

We arrived Thursday night and just got settled in and had some Cracker Barrel (Cracker Barrel, why are you not in NY?!)

Friday morning we woke up nice and early to hit the show, watch some dressage, walk the course, run the Twilight 5K and shop forever. 

My shopping haul and free swag haul will have to have their own post to give them the proper attention that they deserve.

First we watched some dressage and admired all the shiny horses and fancy tack. The event horses are SO FIT, it’s such a contrast to the typical beefier warmbloods I am used to seeing when watching dressage. 

Then we shopped until we dropped (to the tune of about 10 miles walked, thanks FitBit!) Here’s a sneak peak to one of my purchases- 

There were so many shops and deals and also $$$ items to drool over. We of course went to Dubarry and had mimosas and tried on boots. (My wallet was relieved that even their slim calf size was so wide on my that I could stick my whole arm down into the boot).

Another fun Friday activity was test driving the Range Rover over their obstacle test drive course. Let’s just say, I could get used to driving one. 

Walking through all the vendors took hours and was so exciting! While there were crowds, it was never unbearable and even the bathroom lines weren’t so bad.

Friday evening we ran in the Twilight 5K race, which kind of sucked after being on our feet all day and walking so much but we got a cool free shirt so that pretty much made it worth it. PLUS, running through the gorgeous Kentucky horse park was very inspiring, I even got a pretty good time. 

After the race of course we had to refuel for the big cross country day so we hit Waffle House, then promptly returned to our hotel room and went into comas. 

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