Tack Tuesday- Rodrigo wide noseband bridle review 

After lusting after a wide noseband bridle for a while, and purchasing the Bobby’s padded wide noseband bridle, which, while gorgeous was just too much for my boy’s fine head, I found the Rodrigo wide noseband bridle on sale for a steal of a deal that just couldn’t be passed up. It also came with matching fancy stitch laced reins.

I have now had it for 5 months, so a review is definitely due! 

When I first got it, it was a lighter more orangish color that is typical of brand new Rodrigo or Pessoa bridles. With two liberal coats of neatsfoot oil it darkened to a gorgeous deep chocolate color, while the stitching stayed nice and white and crisp. It was also very supple and soft without me doing much. 

It is a monocrown with little cutouts for the ears and seems to lay very nicely on the poll. My sensitive TB hasn’t complained which is always a good sign. The stitching is clean tight and even and looks sharp with the oiled leather. 

I love the fancy stitching on the brow and noseband. It’s just enough. The width of the noseband is perfect for my pony’s face, and not weighed down by thick padding. 

I find the sizing is quite generous, my horse who is on the bigger side of cob, smaller side of horse, is on the highest holes for the cheek pieces. But the browband and noseband fit well. 

Verdict- I love it and it’s a great deal for the money! 


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