A tale of woe- aka why 2015 and I are not friends

Warning- This post is going to be a complete bitchfest whining about all the bad that has happened this year, making me unable to ride for 16 weeks of 2015! (That’s a lot) 

This turn for the worst of 2015 began back in August when I got kicked by a horse and had a nasty bone bruise, making me unable to really ride for 5 weeks. (Several bare back sessions notwithstanding, but no schooling was done or progress made) 

Then after we had just started to get back into the groove and regain fitness, an unfortunate incident where Mabou bruised his heel on a trailer ramp set us back another 5 weeks. 

And now for the icing on the cake, the grand finale- again right when we were almost back to where we were, and have actually put paces and hunts back on our calendar, I go and break my hand. Seriously. 

Happened in the most freak way possible- we were trail riding and Mabou spooked so he began his signature spook move, aka bucking, which made the rein jerk my hand in the perfect twisting motion to spiral fracture my fifth metatarsal, which is the bone in your palm that goes from your pinkie to your wrist. 

This should be a fun 6 weeks. Now you know why there won’t be any real fun updates coming from this way. 


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