Update post: Isn’t lameness fun 

After anxiously waiting all summer for fall to come and hunt season to begin again, two weekends ago our first outing finally arrived. We were invited to go with a friend and her green horse as “babysitters” to ride slowly in the back of the field with her and give her horse a good experience. 

We were only hound walking, which is essentially a trail ride with the pack of hounds, and helps to get the hounds fit for hunting. 

The morning comes, I wake up and arrive at the barn nice and early, groom and tack up (the horses are shipped to hunt outings with saddles on so you just put bridle on and go once you arrive at the fixture). 

For the past few years, Mabou has been traveling to everything in my trainer’s big rig, which has 8 foot ceilings. When he went to walk on to friends two horse trailer he hit his head, and I could tell that was going to be it for him. 

In one of his running to escape going into what he thought was too small for him episodes he stepped/fell off the side of the loading ramp to the right, but seemed fine otherwise. He wouldn’t go on, and I didn’t want to make an issue and give him a bad experience, so everyone went off that day and we stayed behind. 

Once I got on and went to ride I realized he was pretty damn lame. Never a dull moment. After thoroughly having a pity party for myself at missing out AND having a now lame horse, I thoroughly checked his legs and found no cuts, heat, etc. (he had been wearing open front boots and bell boots when he was being loaded)

After he was still lame the next day, we called the vet out to make sure there wasn’t a soft tissue injury. Thankfully, it’s just a heel bruise! We also took x Rays, because my chiro wanted me to so that farrier can confirm his break over point. 


So thankfully now we just wait for the heel bruise to heal. Good timing actually (as if there ever was a good time for an injury) because the end of this week husband and I are going to Ireland and then Germany for Oktoberfest. So pony gets to be spoiled by my mom and stuffed with carrots and heal while we are gone, then I can start him back up again. 


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