Chiro report: Getting there

When I last checked in re:Mabou’s bodywork, he was sore all over (poor guy). Since that first visit he had a follow-up a week later after having a week off (where he looked great). We had his one month follow-up yesterday. 

The Chiro noticed that his neck and chest have absolutely filled out since she got him unlocked and he has been better able to carry himself properly in our flat work. 

The good- 

His hips and back still looked great, and he allowed her to get pretty deep into his glutes and hips to massage and adjust.

The bad- 

I was disappointed to find out that his armpit, pectoral and inside of his front legs were now really sore.  Because he is so delicate, he wouldn’t let her do any work until she treated the area with acupuncture, with a bunch of needles stuck into his heels.

He has always had low heels, which combined with his propensity to pull shoes despite living in bell boots 24/7, makes him more difficult to shoe.

The Chiro suggested that his feet may be imbalanced, and that I should have an X-ray done of his front feet so the farrier can go off of that to determine his proper break over point. She also wants the farrier to roll his toes and pointed out that he has flares.

My knowledge of shoeing is admittedly limited, so I have been trying to educate myself via magical google. 

Anyone have experience with shoeing possibly making your horse sore and/or tweaking the balance point?

5 thoughts on “Chiro report: Getting there

  1. Rolling the toes is pretty common and shouldn’t cause an issue & my farrier rolls my horse’s toes periodically … as to the rest of it, I personally lean toward small, gradual changes over time in shoeing. I hope you find some answers!


  2. My horses are all barefoot so I’m no help on the shoe front! I do find when I have chiro/acupuncture that other parts get sore after the originally sore parts feel better. For me it’s part of the healing process. Good for your for doing chiro, I’m sure Mabou appreciates it 🙂 Reminds me that my horses are due soon haha

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