Hazy hot and humid- check, check and check 

This summer has flown by! I have had nonstop work, riding, and social obligations that I haven’t had much time to sit down and write a blog post.

Mabou has been going better than ever after all his bodywork that I had done back in July. He is a happy horse and always game for what I ask him to do. Which, the past week has been- NOTHING. 

The summer heat here has been giving us temperatures in the 90s, with high 80% humidity. It basically saps every ounce of energy out of you. 

Needless to say, my riding the past week has been super unmotivated, and Mabou has had a lot of spa/beauty days. 


The barn is going to a show this Wednesday, which I bowed out of.  Showing in this heat wouldn’t be too enjoyable or fair to Mabou. Plus I would rather save the personal day to do a Wednesday fixture once cubbing starts (cubbing is basically fox hunting pre-season).

I hope to do a full post on each of our shows…. Eventually…. And do some reviews of new tack! 

Happy Wednesday guys! 


2 thoughts on “Hazy hot and humid- check, check and check 

    1. You will love it!!! I actually like cubbing better than hunting only because it’s less formal- you can wear tweeds and rust breeches and no stock tie!


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