Wishlist Update

Since I haven’t been able to ride since I hurt my ankle on Saturday, of course this just makes me get my horse fix by tack browsing and thinking of things that I need want.


I went to the barn Tuesday and got in a good long grooming session and I was able to ride bareback today, but its not really the same as getting a solid ride in.

Since I last posted a wish list I have gotten all of the items on there!  So its time for an update!

1.  Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters in Blue Velvet (photo credit to Farmhouse Tack)  Not only am I sucker for this deep jewel tone blue color, but I also love how luxurious the name sounds.  Well played Tailored Sportsman, well played.


2.  Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Open Front Boot (photo courtesy of Farm House Tack)   Now that Mabou is officially a jumper, he needs a fancy pants pair of boots!

veredus boots

3.  All the sun shirts!  I am particularly feeling the Tailored Sportsman Ice fil shirts- they are so soft and comfortable!

4. All the Ogilvy!  Because why not?!

Hopefully my next post will actually contain some riding!

What’s on your wish list?!

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