Horse show recap & unrelated ouchies

First, I must say that Mabou was excellent at the show. Since we were staying in jumpers we let him stick with his happy mouth snaffle, and he was cool as a cucumber from the moment he stepped off the trailer to the moment he stepped back on. 

We did two shows this week, and he has figured out what this showing thing is all about. He thinks it’s fun and actually likes to stand by the rings just watching, no grazing, just chilling and watching the goings-on.

He strolled into the jumper ring at a relaxed walk for each trip, and even after getting fired up, relaxed back down and walked out of the ring as quiet as he walked in. 

We stepped up to the 2’6″, and ended up reserve champion again, with a fifth (I always hold him back too much on the first round until I start to feel brave), second, and a first. Our jump off time in the last round was actually the fastest time of the day, so I was pretty proud of myself for that!

My trainer gave me some advice which I found hilariously true- go into the ring looking like you want to win not live. Unfortunately sometimes I am the latter!

Photos to come when I buy them from the show photographer (my mom took videos of the grass accidentally)

Next: this lovely injury occurred after we got home from the show. (Note: my ankle is normally not this big!)

 Long story short, after we got back to the barn my trainer asked me to bring in a horse for her. As I was holding his lead and reaching to open the gate the other horse he is turned out with basically mauled him. Poor victim horsie could only escape by running me over (I forgive him). This was the aftermath. 

So I got to spend Sunday evening in the hospital  ER *hooray*. Verdict: bad contusions with mild sprain. They gave me a soft cast and crutches, neither of which I am using at work today because I am stubborn. Hope I can ride later this week! 

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