Horse Show Recap: Charity Show

Once a year in July, there is a big charity horse show here.  It’s always on a Wednesday, which requires a day off work, and luckily I was able to pull it off this year.  The charity show benefits a local animal shelter, and always has a huge turnout and the best prizes!  Coolers for champion and reserve, and usually tote bags or hats for each first place ribbon.  Nothing is more motivation than things!


The original plan for the show ended up being totally different than what we did, but spoiler, we ended up with a cooler so all was good!

Pretty Curvon Cooler!!!
Pretty Curvon Cooler!!!

The original plan was to show in the Adult Eq, medal, maclay, etc., as that is what we have focusing toward in all of our lessons.  However, after we got there and he was high as a kite (since, to be fair, this is only his second show), and we had a very dismal schooling wherein I basically wanted to call it a day, my trainer suggested that we enter into the 2 foot baby jumpers just to get him in the ring and go around.

Pretty pony
Pretty pony

I agreed because I knew that she was right, and it was important for us to get in the ring and have a good experience.  So we untacked him, let him chill by the rings for an hour, then retacked and away we went to the 2′ schooling.

Just chillin
Just chillin

He was a different horse in the jumper ring, I really think he is trying to say loud and clear that its his thing.  For some reason all my photos came out really blurry when they are zoomed in, but these and videos of my rounds are all I have  (well I still have to get the videos from my mom aka show photographer)  He was totally in his element when I let him go at his preferred speed of fast.

Pony says 2' is insulting
Pony says 2′ is insulting

Needless to say he was wonderful in the jumper classes.  He almost seems proud of himself when we come out of the ring, and he doesn’t get hot going in or out of the ring and is content to stand and hang out on a loose rein in-between rounds.  Inside turns are also a piece of cake with this boy.


Luckily I had brought a square saddle pad and had been wearing a sun shirt and his Eskadrons for schooling, so we easily looked the part.  I think that we will stick with the jumper ring for now, he is so cat-like and quick that making him an eq horse always seemed a little like putting a square peg in a round hole.

The satin and cute tote bag
The satin and cute tote bag!

We ended up reserve champion, winning ourselves a tote bag embossed with the show logo and a Curvon cooler embroidered with the show logo!  I was so proud of him.

Tired proud pony
Tired proud pony

Next show is Sunday so he gets a few days of rest and then back at it!  Going to step up to the 2’6″, as the 2′ is almost a joke for him.

5 thoughts on “Horse Show Recap: Charity Show

  1. nice job getting a good read on the situation and his energy and turning it into a positive experience for everyone involved! also that swag is legit – tote bags and coolers are definitely among my favorite things lol

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