Ready Set Go- let’s complain about the weather 

To be fair, the title of this post fully warned that this was going to be a bitch fest, so you know what you were getting into reading this!!

I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature, namely why has it been in the low 30’s and high 20’s midway though March?! Also, even more importantly, why is it supposed to snow 4″ tomorrow, aka the first day of spring?!

Weather complaints aside, I did get in a ride after work Tuesday. I wore green breeches, so that counts as celebrating St. Patrick’s day right? 

Since it was incredibly gusty and windy, which would have made riding in the outdoor brutal, and we are “over” the indoor, we hit the trail. 

Most of the trail was still snow covered, so it was slow going until we got to the old golf course, where the footing was great since it gets so much sun. 

We did a big trot on the dirt golf cart road around the golf course. Considering he hasn’t been on trail in a while and it was a cold blustery day, he was awesome!  Our only issue was the matter of the killer garbage bag that was loudly blowing and flapping in the wind. I ended up getting off, walking him over, and letting him check it out. He was less than thrilled.

Looks like our first hunter pace is April 26, let’s hope the weather starts looking up by then!! 

Has everyone else been enjoying spring weather?

9 thoughts on “Ready Set Go- let’s complain about the weather 

      1. You’d be better off looking at boats at this point. We keep getting 2-3 riding days and then another deluge of rain that means a week off. Pretty hard to get anything done that way.


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