The Great Thaw

First off- my Eskadron package from Calevo has arrived!  The total time from ordering to my door was just under a month.


I am in love with the pretty blue boots that I got.  I am just waiting for all of this MUD to go away before I will use them!


Things have FINALLY begun to thaw out around here, which means lots of mud!  Thick, pastern deep, suck your shoes off mud.  It’s really very lovely, I swear.  But if the mud means that spring is coming, I am all for it.

There is still some snow still hanging on, as can be seen in the background of this pic.  I guess to be honest, even though I basically feel as if I could not wear a jacket during the heatwave temperatures of 40 during the day…. it is still in the low 30’s-high 20’s at night.


Haven’t been riding too much, hence the lack of riding posts.  I have reached the point where I am DONE being cold and DONE riding inside.  I was elated to arrive at the barn last night after work and (1) Be able to ride in the DAYLIGHT!! and (2) be able to ride in the outdoor ring!  The outdoor is largely melted, and we have stonedust footing which never gets muddy or slippery.

Go away last bit of snow
Go away last bit of snow

Mabou felt so good, and I could tell he was so happy to be outside finally.  He has a massive stride, and the indoor really feels cramped on him.

Our first order of business after trotting around was to get up in half seat and let him canter forward around the ring (with a huge smile on my face).  There is nothing in this world like the effortlessness of how a TB covers the ground.

Then we got serious and did some schooling, but nothing major just our usual bending and lateral work and changes of stride within each gait.

I am SO ready to being hunter pacing this spring and then showing!  We have all our new gear ready to go, just waiting on you Mother Nature.

6 thoughts on “The Great Thaw

  1. Yay riding outside!!! We finally ventured out… But out footing is crap so just a little trotting here and there…

    Boots look great too! It’s kinda odd tho – I showed your earlier post to my friend who wanted eskadrons and I’m pretty sure she ordered thru the same shop and hers arrived last week. I guess it varies?


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