Product Review: Back on Track polo wraps 

although I have posted before about how much I love the Back on Track mesh sheet for my boy, and what a difference it makes for him in the winter, I have been wanting to post about his Back on Track polo wraps.

I have the 9′ length, which is perfect for his front legs.

First impressions: the wraps are impeccably made, with soft fleece on the outer part and the Back on Track material on the inside that goes against the horse’s leg.  They have nice sturdy Velcro, with the Back on Track logo in gold.

Results: being the sensitive TB that he is, and being pasture boarded, Mabou often has little nicks and bumps on his legs.  After an average ride wearing these polos, Mabou’s legs are visibly tighter.

I would definitely recommend these polos and plan on getting a second set for myself to use on his hind legs.

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