Vacation planning time 

Hubby and I are beginning to plan our vacation for this year. He has his heart set on going to Oktoberfest in Germany, and I want to ride in Ireland, so we are going to do both!

Has anyone been riding in Ireland? Any recommendations on stables etc? We are going the end of September. 

Today’s ride featured: you guessed it- MORE SNOW! 

We rode in the indoor and Mabou was calm cool and collected, as there were two seriously misbehaving horses in there with us and he didn’t even bat an eye. Kept the ride short and sweet as a third horse came in who was snorting and bucking and it was becoming a little dicey in the indoor. 

When we came out of the indoor we were surprised that it had begun snowing HARD.  More snow, just what we needed! 


11 thoughts on “Vacation planning time 

  1. I rode in Ireland and it was awesome, but I wouldn’t recommend the exact trip I did. In fact, this month’s issue of Sidelines has the article. I’m on my cell phone now and can’t do anything properly but I’ll come back later and link to it.

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      1. 7 Reasons I’ll Never Forget Riding in Ireland via Saddle Seeks Horse
        The Sidelines article is actually different. If it’s not up on their website yet, you can virtually read the magazine in like a flipbook format. There are more pictures in that one and a funny story about me meeting a famous (now dead) author who had an Emmy, Tony, and Oscar for his work. I got to visit with him in his London flat. Kinda surreal.

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  2. Oooh! We’re going to Germany around Oktoberfest too this year! We’re of course going to make a stop at the Spanish Riding school so we can satisfy my horse needs for the trip. Riding in Ireland sounds amazing too!


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