OK that’s enough winter

Just to start off- let’s take note that last night was a RECORD BREAKING low for this late in February!  I am SO ready for the temps to warm up.  I have been a good girl and keep the winter bitching to a minimum but today’s ride was just BRUTAL, my entire face was frozen.  Today it was 20 degrees but felt like 10 degrees.


I am crying on the inside
I am crying on the inside

As always, Mabou was a really good boy.  Since it was cold, even with his quarter sheet on he took longer to warm up and we spent a while trotting on a loose rein to start.  With show season in sight now, I have recently begun doing my entire trot warm up with no stirrups- gets me working while he is warming up.  Once I feel his back start to swing and engage then I usually pick up my stirrups and contact and we get to work, unless I want to torture myself by continuing with no stirrups.


I ordered a Back on Track quarter sheet from Tack of the Day when they were on sale a few weeks ago (and polo wraps and the mattress overlay), so I am hoping that it arrives while the temps are still cold and I get to use it.  I also think it will help with his warm up.

We did the usual flat schooling, lengthening and shortening of stride, transitions, bending and counter-bending, and leg yielding.  Nothing too exciting, but he felt great after he was warmed up.


Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 30’s woohoo!

6 thoughts on “OK that’s enough winter

  1. It breaks my heart a little bit to cheer on 30* weather… But I’m in the same boat. Boo winter! Also – I ordered the BOT saddle pads from TotD an just got them and LOVE them! Hope you like your new stuff 🙂

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