Product Review: Ogilvy Baby Pads

Ever since I purchased my first Ogilvy baby pad, it was the only pad that I reached for again and again.


What I like about this pad:

  • It is thin and soft, but thick enough that it isn’t flimsy.
  • The underneath is a soft poly cotton twill, that washes right back to new even after it gets sweaty and dirty.
  • I LOVE the V-shape that fits my shark-withered TB perfectly.  Other pads that have a wither contour still are not high enough for him.
  • No billet straps or girth straps required- this pad stays in place without any fiddling with straps when tacking up.
  • No need to pull the saddle pad up under the pommel when you are tacking up, it is already there, ensuring no pressure on the withers.
  • The outside of the pad is treated and stain resistant.


It is supposed to be anti-microbial and anti-fungal, but I can’t really say if this has made any difference from my other saddle pads.

They also come in a rainbow of colors, which is really really fun.  So far I only have white ones, one with navy binding and one with black binding, because I am not patient enough  to wait for a custom colored one.

Although this saddle pad is costly compared to other schooling pads, it is totally worth it.  Mine are all white and still look brand new and crisp every time they come out of the wash.

I love this pad so much that I actually have begun replacing all of my pads with these, since I never want to use my other ones anymore.

9 thoughts on “Product Review: Ogilvy Baby Pads

  1. I’ve been going back and forth on getting one or two of these but my biggest concern has been slippage without any straps on the pad to help hold in place. I’m glad to hear you haven’t had any issues like that!


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