My foray into the land of international tack shopping

After reading Amanda’s post (aka one of the biggest Tack-ho enablers out there), I decided that I would ignore any warnings that she gave about the possibility of lengthy shipping times, and try my hand at placing an international order.

I have had my eye on some new Eskadrons for a while, and they happened to be significantly cheaper to purchase from Calevo than to purchase here in the U.S.

I ordered the light blue open fronts, and black ankle boots (high ones) (they will go with different front boot colors rather than buying a million different colored ankle boots- see I CAN be economical!).

And then, since I have zero self restraint I also ordered a pair of open fronts and ankle boots in this cool medium blue that is not available here in the U.S. (they were also on sale because they are an old season color)


Finally, to be practical I ordered a spare pair of Eskadron bell boots (the only ones that Mabou doesn’t go through like crazy) and a cool Eskadron wash bag to wash the boots.

The ENTIRE order, including shipping, was less than what one pair of open fronts and high ankle boots would have cost me here in the U.S.- for real.

The problem- DHL.  Particularly, DHL online status updates, which are now the bane of my existence that I have to check multiple times a day.

I placed the order on February 12th.  It is now the 20th and as far as I can tell, from the last update that was entered on February 19th, my stuff is still in Germany.

International shopping may be good for the wallet but not good for my love of getting shiny new things quickly!

For now I will keep obsessively checking the DHL website for updates.  When everything gets here I will post a huge HOORAY and update on how long the shipping ultimately took for those who are considering international orders.

13 thoughts on “My foray into the land of international tack shopping

  1. Yes, I talked about shipping times in the post that is linked in the first paragraph of the post you linked to here: DHL unfortunately is definitely one of the slowest carriers, second only to Royal Mail (which can take 4-6 weeks, no freakin joke). If it makes you feel any better, my saddle should arrive today… a 17 day total journey, 11 days of which were in Germany, Of course… that said… my last Smartpak order took 10 days, so there is that… LOL

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    1. Lol! Yes I did read your warning about shipping time but the cheap prices enticed me! I am happy your saddle came in 17 days, and that means maybe only a week more Til it gets here 🙂


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