Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

Tracy, over at Fly On Over had a great idea for a blog hop- a day in the life of a working amateur!  What a fun idea to get a look into other people’s days.

Each of my days is different (depending if I ride that day or what is on my office schedule) but since this is my horse blog I will do a day that I ride.

7:30 A.M.–  Alarm goes off, groggily roll out of bed, walk into the kitchen and    turn on the Keurig.  Make a cup of green tea and oatmeal, sit down in front of laptop and cruise Facebook and Instagram while I eat breakfast.

8:00 A.M.-  Wash and moisturize my face, let that soak in while I blow out my hair.  Put on my make-up.

8:15 A.M.-  Look outside at how cold it is, start my car from inside (thanks new car’s starter!)

8:20 A.M.- Throw clothes on (doesn’t take too long to get dressed when you have to wear a suit everyday and just have to pick your shirt)

8:30- 8:45 A.M.– leave the house somewhere within this window of time, depending how slowly I did the above or how many times I stop to pet Tucker and tell him how cute he is.


9:00-:9:15 A.M.-  Arrive at Court.  (luckily I live 15 minutes from Court, but don’t get too jealous, I live 35 minutes from my office)

9:30-11:00 A.M.- check my file quickly before I get out of the car to see which Judge’s courtroom(s) I have to go to, power walk to said courtroom, sign in, sit and wait and read my Kindle until the other lawyers get there on my cases, attend a Court conference, meet with the opposing lawyer(s) on my case(s) (depending how many I have scheduled for that day).

11:30 A.M.-  Get back in the car, eat a protein bar because I am STARVING at this point.  Head back to office.

12:15 P.M.-  Arrive back at the office.  Check my mailbox on the way in, make a cup of green tea, sit down at my desk, check voicemails and emails.

12:30 P.M.-  Pull any files/draft any documents needed to return any phone calls and emails.

1:00 P.M.-   Eat lunch (Amy’s organic frozen meals FTW)

(on days that I don’t go to Court and I am in the office all day, I go out to lunch, just to get out for a little bit)

1:30 P.M.– Draft motions, pleadings, letters, speak to clients, other attorneys and banks on the phone, possibly meet with clients if any appointments are scheduled.  (very riveting stuff)

3:00 P.M.- Snacktime because by now I am STARVING again.  Depending how healthy I feel I either have a protein bar or have something from the kitchen (which is always stocked with candy, Entenmann’s cakes, bagels, and other random baked goods)  Then go back to doing everything again.

5:00 P.M.- look at clock, try to rush out of work to go ride

5:30 P.M.-  eat a protein bar in the car on the way to ride, or stop for pizza depending how hungry I am or how late I am running.

6:00 P.M.- Arrive at the barn, change into riding clothes and grab Mabou from the paddock, tell him how handsome he is, groom him and tack up.

6:30 P.M.– I am in my happy place!


7:00 P.M.-  Untack Mabou, feed him treats, groom him and turn him back out.

7:30 P.M.- put away all my stuff, head home.

7:45 P.M.-  Arrive home, eat something and hang out on the couch with hubby until we get tired and go to sleep to wake up and do it all over again.

Very fun right?!  NOT lol but I am very fortunate my job isn’t so bad and it allows me to afford having a horse and doing what I love!


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