Product Review: Bossy’s Bib

After spending the entire fall and large part of the winter trying to figure out a a solution to Mabou’s terrible shoulder rubs, I stumbled upon the Bossy’s Bib. A shoulder guard helped the shoulder rubs but gave him rubs in the center of his chest in size medium, gave him worse shoulder rubs in size large, and changing the blankets he wore didn’t help at all. I figured what the hell, maybe this thing will work. I ordered it from a seller in England on eBay. She was very helpful in figuring out sizing. Mabou is 16.3 hands, so according to the size chart (which goes by horse height) he was a large full (16.2 to 17.0 hands). But knowing how incredibly narrow his shoulders are, I wanted to order a size down, the medium full (15.2 to 16.1 hands). IMG_9355 My instincts were right and the medium full fits perfectly! IMG_9354 It’s a pretty simple design, basically just a slick nylon type material that drapes over the withers and shoulders. It isn’t attached to anything so it puts no pressure on the shoulders and moves freely with the horse, thus preventing rubs. IMG_9353 It has a tab in the front that you secure through the front blanket buckle so there is something holding it in place. IMG_9358 Results- Mabou has been wearing it for several weeks and his huge shoulder rubs have begun to grow back tiny hairs! Although it is an extra step when un-blanketing to pull it over his head, totally worth it!! I would definitely recommend!


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