Product Review: Back on Track mesh sheet

I purchased the Back on Track mesh sheet around mid December, and wanted some time to test it out before I wrote a review.

First impression– The sheet is very soft mesh material, with shoulder gussets that can be opened up to allow for shoulder freedom. It has a rather large Back on Track logo on the neck but it doesn’t look bad, it’s tan on the black sheet.
2015/01/img_9163-0.jpg Sizing– Mabou takes a 78″ in most blankets but this sheet fits him perfectly in a 75″.

Effectiveness– being the very sensitive thoroughbred that he is, Mabou is generally cold backed in the winter and takes some time to get his back warmed up, relaxed, and swinging. Since he has begun wearing this sheet, I have absolutely noticed a difference in him, he is much more relaxed at the start of my ride.

In fact, I knew I had something great going when I first put the sheet on Mabou and within 5 minutes he was licking and chewing.

sleepy boy

As a testament to how much he loves this sheet, two nights ago when I was at the barn my friend and I were laughing because every time I lifted my hands up to remove the sheet from Mabou he pinned his ears, only to prick them right back as soon as I stopped moving to take the sheet off. (He doesn’t get mad when I remove any other blankets or coolers from him ever)

Usage– at first I would put the sheet on as I groomed Mabou (for about 15-20 minutes), since you are supposed to build them up to the effects of it gradually. After doing that for about a week I put it on under his blankets overnight. Now he just wears it 24/7 as a liner under his blankets, with no ill effects.

2015/01/img_9164.jpg Bottom line- I highly recommend this sheet!!

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Back on Track mesh sheet

  1. My BFF has an older OTTB who lives in his BoT during the winter and it’s made a HUGE difference for her. Glad to hear it’s done the same for you 🙂

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