Tack Store Spotlight: Farm House Tack

Since I have an addiction to tack, I have done my fair share of online shopping.  One of my absolute favorite places to shop for all things horse is Farm House Tack.

Although Farm House Tack is located in South Carolina, thus preventing me from visiting the store in person (and potentially going bankrupt as a result), they are wonderful to place orders with online, through the phone, or via email.

They always have GREAT sales (hint they have a warehouse sale going on right now), carry Ogilvy products and usually have a great selection of Ogilvy half pad colors, AND they carry all full selection of Tailored Sportsman breeches, including all of the newest colors as they come out.

Plus, any order over $75 ships for free!

Every single time I make a purchase from Farm House I always have a great customer service experience, with quick email responses, even to my annoying emails asking what they have in stock.

Can’t recommend Farm House Tack enough!

5 thoughts on “Tack Store Spotlight: Farm House Tack

  1. I had a less than ideal experience with FH purchasing my saddle, but everyone else loves them. I’m still reserved but would try again with a lower price point item.


    1. Hi Lauren, We got A TON of feedback about our old saddle policy. – So we changed it. 🙂 Saddle trials are now only ‘authorized’ on credit cards. So if something doesn’t work for you there is no waiting on a refund, as the bank is only holding the money aside. At this point we aren’t able to offer this policy to online saddle purchases, but all saddle purchases made over the phone and online are using this new policy. Please contact me directly if there is anything i can do to help change your mind about us. 🙂 michelle (@) farmhousetack.com 🙂


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