Shopping Question

I have really been lusting after the light blue Eskadron boots, to change up our boring black and gray boot wardrobe.  So, do you think that Mabou would look ok in the light blue Eskadron boots?

Or would he look silly since this is more of a pony color?!


lol and yes I am aware that I am lucky that this is a “problem” that I have.

10 thoughts on “Shopping Question

  1. I love the light blue boots. I just bought the black Eskadron set from SmartPak. Why has it taken me years to figure out how much easier this is than polos???? Anyway, if you have to go into debt (credit card) to buy them–avoid at all costs. If, however, you can pay for it without having to incur interest (pay off the card or pay cash), then go for it.

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