Ahhh Shucks

So after suffering through several weeks of limited riding motivation from the frigid cold and lack of any daylight hours not spent at work, yesterday I decided to leave work at 2 and try to get in an afternoon ride!

I got to the barn, quickly changed and ran out to get Mabou from the paddock. After walking him into the barn I quickly realized he was missing a front shoe…. That damn left front shoe (repeat offender) to be exact!

I cursed in my head and texted the farrier to see if he could get down to put a shoe on in the next few days.

Finally my luck turned around and the farrier could stop by in about an hour! Plus I got lucky and just caught him because in a few hours he was leaving to go away until Monday. Score for me!

So instead of the ride I got planned a Mabou got a nice long grooming and his mane pulled while waiting for the farrier. It was nice spending time with him even though my riding plans were crushed.

Time with my horse just have a way of making you happy in a way nothing else can!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Ahhh Shucks

  1. oh horses… always finding ways to blow all our well laid plans to smithereens! glad everything worked out with the farrier tho – hopefully you’ll get that ride in soon!

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