Winter Boredom

Winter makes everything so mundane with all the freezing cold and being stuck in the indoor. Nothing exciting to write about!

Although Mabou is a good sport about doing a lot of flat in the indoor I am sure he can’t wait to get outside again!

For now we will just keep slugging along working on flat work and dreaming of the spring when fun things start again!

Hey at least doing nothing is allowing me to save money towards summer shows that’s good right?!?

How do you spice up boring indoor rides all winter?

12 thoughts on “Winter Boredom

  1. Luckily we have a huge indoor and most of the jumps are moved indoors. However, we still feel the winter blues from being cooped up. I hate to say it, but no stirrup work is definitely a way to add productivity to otherwise boring rides. Also, if you’re up to it, consider a bareback ride (it’ll be warmer too!).

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  2. I ride bareback too! I like to set up a weird obstacle course for myself (even with cones you can make some “courses” for yourself). Or I brave the cold and wander around outside πŸ™‚

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  3. I spent a good two-three months one winter on a not-quite-lame-but-definitely-not-quite-right horse, when all we could do was walk and trot. It was boring.

    So we learned how to ride without reins! (Obviously, this is not a sensible solution for every horse xD)


  4. we only get to use an indoor once a week (currently our ONLY ride each week… boo), so it hasn’t yet lost its appeal. but with limited space, the jumping exercises are limited mostly to grids. i love grids tho so this isn’t a problem πŸ™‚


  5. I am so jealous of your indoor arena! Our winters aren’t too bad here usually but we had a lot of snow that’s now become a mud swamp everywhere. Haven’t ridden in 3 days. ENJOY yours!!! πŸ™‚


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