See Things as Your Horse Does

An interesting article over at Horse Collaborative got me thinking about how our horses view the world.  I have always wondered why horses don’t like certain jumps, or specifically, certain colors.

Photo from Horse Collaborative

As long as I can remember I have always wondered if horses actually see in color, or see in black and white, or in some other scale of color completely.  Despite wondering about this, I never actually took the time to look into and research it until I read the article on Horse Collaborative.

I have learned that in fact, horses do see color but do not view color as distinctly as we do.  To some extent, horses have a degree of color blindness, and it is easier for them to view shades of blue than shades of red.  This is why some horses may have more trouble viewing a red jump than a blue jump.

Image from Horse Collaborative

It is always good to take a step back and try to walk in our horse’s horseshoes, and see the world as they do.  This is a good reminder for me that my horse does not see the world as I do, and some things that don’t look suspicious or scary to me may look completely different to him.

2 thoughts on “See Things as Your Horse Does

  1. I think they have problems seeing yellow, too. And they can’t see right in front of them! That’s the part that amazes me.


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