Fun Stocking Stuffer Idea: Bridle Charms

Since I love all things shiny, Mabou has always had several bridle charms on his bridles. Bridle charms just make everything more fun and are a great way to add a pop of silver or color to your schooling bridle.

For the holidays, bridle charms are a super stocking stuffer or gift for a barn mate or friend!

In the past, I have gotten bridle charms from My Barn Child (for my post about it click here).  For my next charm order, I decided to try and order from another small business, Hunt Club.  I wanted to get Mabou another charm, because one can never have too many charms, and also a charm as a gift for my friend’s pony, since she has so generously been allowing me ride him.


I got Mabou another royal blue charm, if you look closely though, this one is ombre, with lighter blue crystals at the top.  It can make one of his other schooling bridles sparkle like his snaffle one!!!


I got my friend’s pony a red charm, since red is his color!  And the crystal charm is another one for Mabou, maybe for his show bridle?  The charms are really well made and super cute. They are also reasonably priced, which I can totally get on board with!

I surprised my friend at the barn with the charm for her pony and she was very excited!  Surprising other people is so fun.

Does anybody else put bridle charms on their horse’s bridle?  What charms do you have?




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