Blanket Review Update: Centaur Turbo 3600

About a month ago, I reviewed the Centaur Turbo 3600 midweight blanket with hood.  Although my initial review was great, this update has a few negative things about the blanket.

First off, the body of the blanket has stayed really nice with no rips, tears, or even wear marks that look like they will turn into a rip or tear.  So thumbs up for that.  The hood, however, has not fared as well.

Front buckles– where there used to be two front buckles, there is now only one. One if of the buckles got ripped right off of the blanket.


The hood attachments-  One of the rings on the blanket that the hood hooks onto got ripped off.


and one of the hooks actually snapped in half!


Not sure how that happened!

Poor Mabou was in his paddock with his hood piece all kinds of messed up when I found him.  Going to look into some kind of warranty on this blanket and hood, because I have only had it a month!  And he only wore it a few weeks of that time!

This is now two blankets down this season, the blanket repair lady is going to love my horse!


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