Christmas Sales Alert

Got emails for the following sales this morning, so thought I would pass the savings along!

Smartpak– 50% Bradley performance show shirts

The Tack Room

4 Weeks of December Sale – Weeks 1 & 2

All Shirts – Receive 20% off
(from stock only)

Shirts, Shirts and more Shirts! Wrap Collar Shirts, 1/4 zip shirts, show shirts, t-shirts, cool shirts and warm shirts, long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts. If we have tank tops and tube tops…..those too. We have lots of shirts!! Pick your shirt(s) today and get a good deal. This is going to be so popular, we’re going to be doing this sale for the first two weeks in December. Get yours now, before your favorite shirt is gone.

This promotion is valid through Sunday, December 14th, 2014.

Due to website limitations, discounts will not be available during checkout when shopping online. However, any item(s) qualifying will be discounted during the processing of your order(s), and all discounts will be returned to the credit card used. A receipt of the credit will be provided with your shipment.

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