Ultimate Christmas List: Big Dreams Edition

Since Christmas is in a few weeks, I have decided to put together a list of all of the things that I need really want, in all of its excessive glory.  Here goes!

  • Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches in the following colors: Ivy, Truffle, Dove bar chocolate, sage green
  • Kastel Denmark Sunshirts

  • Essex Talent Yarn – blue and purple

  • Roeckl Chester Gloves in Navy

  • Eskadron Flexisoft open fronts and matching ankle boots– baby blue

  • Grand Prix Soft Shell Show Jacket in French Blue

There are also many more practical things on my Christmas list this year, such as a Happy Mouth pelham and braiding yarn and grooming supplies, but it is always more fun to list the completely frivolous items.

What does everyone else want this year for Christmas?  Any of the same things as on my list?!

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Christmas List: Big Dreams Edition

    1. The Redwood is so droolworthy! Your big trip is definitely money better well spent though! Stay strong and resist the temptation of the pretty Redwood. I will buy them and you can live vicariously through me 😉


  1. I LOVE my roeckl chesters but I can’t justify buying another pair until I actually wear through my current one. I’d also love a soft shell show coat but every time I look into buying one the price frightens me away 😦


    1. They are so expensive! I made the mistake of trying on the Grand Prix one at the Dover store last weekend… they really are sooo soo nice. Maybe one day I will get one


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