Winter you win again

Today I finally got to ride my horse!!

I went down to the barn last night with Tucker to check Mabou’s leg and was pleasantly surprised that it felt really cool and tight! Score!

The farrier was there so Tucker made a new friend with his Jack Russell.


Also, Mabou likes to use the farrier as a pillow, isn’t he nice?!?


I woke up bright and early this morning excited to a. RIDE and b. Get to use my new ogilvy pad cover that came earlier this month.



I did a quick tack up and (After taking some pics of my handsome boy) got on in the outdoor to ride in the morning sun.


After I got on and walked half the ring I quickly realized the ground was wayyyy too hard for my comfort. I guess those 20 degree temps have conquered our ring. So my big plan of cantering gleefully around the big outdoor was destroyed by the harsh realities of winter. Instead we just went for a walk on the trails, which was still very nice, albeit less exciting.


Although we only walked it was a great way to start my day, and it felt great to be back on my boy!

Mabou got to wear his hand me down quarter sheet for the first time this season too.





14 thoughts on “Winter you win again

    1. I love it!!! I got the plain black memory foam one from from Smartpak over the summer because I am too impatient to wait for a custom pad and then just ordered a custom cover so I could use the black cover while I waited for that. I think Mabou likes it too! I was using the Ecogold triple memory foam one before the Ogilvy but I think I like the Ogilvy better


      1. It is seriously my favorite bridle, the whole thing is cut very anatomically and really fits the curves of his face. It also has thick padding where the noseband buckles. Highly recommend!

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